10 Benefits Small Businesses Gain Through Digital Marketing


Some small business owners have ignored the use of digital marketing simply because they feel their business is already doing well, while others might lack the knowledge or expertise to mount a marketing campaign. Whatever the reason for ignoring digital marketing, it’s safe to say that virtually any kind of business would benefit greatly from it, even if the company is already doing well financially.

Digital marketing can relieve the burden on the sales department by increasing sales and shortening sales cycle time. It can also generate leads and help with customer acquisition, then marketing can also boost upselling and provide incentives that foster customer retention. For those who have never been convinced of the advantages that can accrue to a business, here are a few of the more significant benefits of digital marketing; to gain more valuable insights like these, check out MySMN regularly.

Digital marketing benefits

  • Levels the playing field. Achieving success on the internet makes your company an equal with all the larger companies, regardless of their resources and investment capital. Your website can be just as big as theirs, in every respect.
  • Better conversion rate. Through your inbound marketing channel, it will be possible to increase your conversion rates by as much as 24%, according to a digital marketing report issued by Turn.
  • Improved customer service. Because digital marketing can provide responses in real-time to customer demand and trending, your company’s ability to provide more flexible service is greatly enhanced. In a recent eMarketer report, this development is discussed in terms of its positive impact on your business.
  • Greater revenues. Because digital marketing provides several channels that can all influence a consumer to act, these touch points are much more powerful collectively in driving home your business message, and can actually influence buyers to spend four times as much when they decide to purchase.
  • Greater ROI from marketing campaigns. Because the impact of digital marketing can be easily measured in terms of investment and ROI, the connection between consumers’ locations and which actions they take on your website is very easy to measure. The return on your investment is not only much greater, but much more traceable.
  • Connection to internet consumers. It is well known that the vast majority of consumers use the Internet to search for information much faster than they could otherwise find it. While these users are online, you should be reaching them via your digital marketing strategy.
  • Connection to mobile users. Mobile search ads will account for nearly $13 billion in 2015, according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council market spend report, which comprises roughly half the entire search market. Clearly, mobile users are becoming major purchasers that must be targeted by businesses.
  • Helps you compete with rivals. With the availability of social media and other outlets, your online presence will allow you to keep pace with your competitors. Cross-channel marketing campaigns are a great equalizer, and can keep you abreast of rival strategies.
  • Cost savings. The CMO report on marketing spend mentioned above indicates that more and more businesses will be spending less on traditional advertising, even on television and radio, in favor of more internet spending, because online sales are rapidly eclipsing storefront sales.
  • Prepares you for the future of commerce. If there’s anything that can be predicted with certainty about eCommerce, it is that it will continue to evolve into something greater than it is today. We can expect homes, vehicles, appliances, and other devices to be connected to the Internet in the near future – your digital marketing presence will prepare you for all those changes.


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