2013 Facebook Trends

2012 was a big year full of ups and downs for the country, and of course, the glorious Facebook reflected all of those ups and downs. MySMN is going to take a look back at the biggest Facebook trends of 2012 to try and predict 2013 Facebook trends.

2013 Facebook Trends are always a popular topic.
US presidential election
The number one trend on Facebook last year was the presidential election. You know, the one where you told off your friends who didn’t agree with your politics. Those friends who are no longer friends after that fateful election night? Thank goodness we do not have to deal with another election for a while. In place of the Facebook trend of debating presidential nominees, we will have debating Nicky Minaj and Mariah Carey on American Idol. Oh joy.

Superbowl XLVI
Last year the Superbowl was the number two most popular trend on Facebook. Americans love their football, so we’re predicting that Superbowl 2013 will be a huge hit. We’re psychic like that.

Death of Whitney Houston
Sadly, the musical legend Whitney Houston passed away last year and people flooded social media honoring her legacy. We’re not going to predict another musical force to pass away, but rather hope for a new trend that encourages people to help others fight addiction.

Superstorm Sandy
Superstorm Sandy was the fourth biggest Facebook trend last year and we hope the weather can keep itself together in 2013. Maybe the Charlie Sheen media superstorm will come back and he will give us more phrases that make us cringe. Winning? Really? Yeah—winning the award for batshit crazy.

London 2012 Olympics
Between the London Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee and a pregnant Kate Middleton, 2012 was a huge year for the UK. We predict that 2013 will see a growing trend of pregnancy. Kate Middleton’s trend-setting power will not be denied.

2013 Facebook Trends are always a popular topic.
OK—enough of the run around. Clearly, we don’t really know what the 2013 Facebook trends will be because the biggest trends are based on events that are yet to happen. The overarching trend from last year is that people are sharing and relating about things that they feel passionate about. Gun control is a huge topic starting off 2013, and we will see what other events influence the nation’s dialogue in the coming year. How about world peace? We can dream!


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