2013 Social Media Trends

Every year there are new trends for pretty much everything, but today we are going to touch on the 2013 social media trends. There are several 2013 social media trends, but these are the ones we found to be the “top” trends for this year. In this day in age, our cell phones are our lifelines; and even if we are hurting for cash, we find a way to pay our cell phone bills. Going “mobile” is the number one trend this year for businesses and companies with websites. Studies show that there were more smartphones purchased last year than PC’s. The convenience of a smartphone has made our day-to-day lives easier. While every company feels like they have to be on every social media platform, it is not entirely true. What you need to do for this year’s 2013 social media trends is make yourself, and your business, available for mobile users. Only 20% of mobile sites and apps are fully capable of being reached by a smartphone. While nearly all websites can be accessed on a smartphone, only 20% of them are fully integrated and made it possible to view, browse, and purchase items directly from the consumers’ smartphone. Tip #1 for 2013 social media trends– Go mobile, and make it user friendly and efficient.

2013 social media trends by MySMN

Pinterest really swept the nation and became a huge trend in 2012, and it is not going to stop there. This is in the top for 2013 social media trends and research shows that items pinned by a user are purchased 1 out of 5 times. If you don’t have Pinterest, I don’t know what you are waiting for! It is fairly easy to use, like Facebook, so get an account and start pinning to reach the market you have yet to tap into. This is a great way to target and reach other consumers you may not be able to reach via Facebook, or marketing ads, simply because everyone is using it, all age ranges, men, women, and children. If you pin something that I absolutely love, I will repin it, creating more visibility and traffic to your site and items you are selling. Not only is the site free, but you also get strangers to do the leg work of marketing, for free.

2013 social media trends by MySMN

The last of the 2013 social media trends we are going to talk about today is Instagram. Instagram is the easiest way for you to snap a photo, edit it, and reach not only your followers, but the photo is made public. Anyone looking for your business (or you) can locate you and feel the connection through your photos. Having a connection with a customer or consumer is half the battle. You can take pictures of yourself, your business, your co-workers, and when the customer is able to see all of that, it keeps you in the front of their mind, and more loyal to you. For other 2013 social media trends, visit our website and our blog at MySMN.com.


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