28 Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

Hipster businessman with virtual screenIn this age of rapid technological advancement the world of marketing is seeing many changes. Digital marketing is now essential in order to keep up with the changing times, and the biggest trend in digital marketing is going mobile. With that being said, we’ve put together a list of fun digital marketing facts essential for marketers and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

Email Marketing

  • In the last 6 months email opened by mobile devices increased 80% worldwide.

  • Emails with no subject line were 8% more likely to be opened than those with.

  • Average yield for email marketing is $44.25 on the dollar.

  • 85% would prefer leaving their email address for an e-book than a tweet.

  • 42% of consumers say familiarity with the senders name influences whether or not they will open a promotional email.

Blogs and Content Marketing

  • Blogs have 63% more influence over purchasing decisions than the newspaper.

  • Companies that blog more than 15 times per month get 5 times the traffic.

  • The average length of a top ten page has 2000 words.

  • If a post is longer than 1,500 words it will likely have 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes.

  • Posts with 10-18 word titles receive more likes.

  • Articles with photographs receive 94% more views.

  • Infographics allow companies to grow by 12% on average.

  • After increasing the number of pages on their site from 10-15, companies saw an average increase in sales leads of 55%.

  • 47% of Americans say that Facebook is the number one influence over their purchases (social media today).

  • 78% of CMO’s believe that custom content is the future of marketing.


  • Using video on landing pages increases conversions by 86%.

  • Videos receive 267% more links than other posts.

  • 58% of people will stop watching a video within the first 90 seconds.

  • 20% of visitors read text on your page, 80% will watch a video.

  • A prospective customer is 144% more likely to buy when there’s a product video featured.


  • 50% of all searches begin on a mobile device.

  • 88% of mobile searches are for local businesses.

  • 46% of adults prefer to use their mobile devices to search for items before purchasing them over their desktops or laptops.

  • Mobile traffic has a growth rate of 125%, desktop traffic is growing at a rate of 12%.

  • By 2018 6.2 million people will have mobile devices.

  • 173 million US consumers have a smartphone.

  • 81% of smartphone users research products or services on their devices.

  • 74% of mobile users make internet searches before making a purchase.

Now that you know that stats, would you like some assistance developing your online presence? If so, give us a call and our talented team of professionals will be happy to assist your business in achieving its goals.



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