3 Tips to Professionalize your LinkedIn Voice

LinkedIn’s popularity has grown exponentially since 2003. In fact, 90% of B2B companies use it as a marketing platform. When marketing on LinkedIn, content should be different from that of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and with that comes an entirely new set of rules.

Creating a professional voice for your content on LinkedIn can be done through the use of  social media consultants, or on your own. If you wish to achieve this on your own, developing a professional brand voice that’s still conversational is the best place to start. In order to effectively present your company in a manner that attracts other professionals, let your brand voice showcase your company as approachable, competent and results-driven.

#1 Create a Professional Profile

Representing your company through content as described above begins with having a professional business profile. The language used in your profile lays the foundations for your professional brand tone. In developing a tone that doesn’t stray from this goal, refrain from using sarcastic language, witty comments, quotes or jokes. This deters from the professional image of your company. Your LinkedIn bio should be skillful and effectual without being too personal.

Profiles that encourage engagement attract leads. In order to do this most effectively, your profile page should encourage others to reach out without hesitation. Have a link for a direct connect, as well as a great logo and header picture displayed. It’s best to connect with all employees; ensuring their profiles are optimized and up-to-date as well. You may even want to set up showcase pages so each branch of your firm has its own space for content.

#2 Know Your Market Demographics

Before creating content for LinkedIn, be well versed in the demographics of your target audience. This can boost your professionalism and give you added competence. Survey Gizmo has compiled a list of some key stats solely pertaining to LinkedIn:

  • The audience is slightly skewed towards males, encompassing 56% of users.
  • Most LinkedIn users are college educated, reaching 38% of all internet users who have a college education.
  • Most LinkedIn users are age 30-64.
  • High SES users are represented on LinkedIn, with 38% of internet users with an income of 75K or above connected.
  • LinkedIn reaches a market segment that other social media sites do not. 59% of LinkedIn users are not Tweeters, 13% are not on Facebook, and 83% do not use Pinterest.

#3 Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent

When developing a professional voice for LinkedIn, it’s essential to remain consistent. Whether you’re creating content, engaging, responding to messages, or sharing links, the tone and voice should remain the same, especially if multiple employees are involved. A good way to ensure consistency is through a social media policy. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding what constitutes as appropriate content, consistent with the company image and strategy.

In 2014, the Content Marketing Institute found 90% of B2B marketers were utilizing LinkedIn as part of their content strategy. Of this percentage, 62% found it yielded results. To ensure your company is part of this percentage:

  • Create content that provides value, while sounding classy and intelligent.
  • Create a social media strategy that empowers employees while protecting your brand image.
  • Develop a company profile that encourages instant engagement.

If you’d like some guidance with your social media strategy, or managing content in a voice that yields ROI, hiring a digital marketing company like MySMN can help nurture the growth of your business.


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