5 Digital Marketing Tips for San Diego Startups

If your startup is based in the San Diego area, or your target demographic, a strong digital marketing strategy can make or break your business. Understand how your industry operates and clearly define your niche before you push your content to potential customers. Enhance your brand exposure with these 5 digital marketing tips for San Diego startups. 

Identify Your Niche

Before you begin implementing a digital marketing strategy, you need to identify your brand’s target market. Determine who your customers are and then create your content with a specific demographic in mind. Incorporate phrases and verbiage most likely to attract your target market to your company’s website, content, advertisements and products/services. A strong niche with related content creates value for your potential customers. According to the Wall Street Journal, “consumers now demand personalized, contextual, and real-time experiences with the channel that makes the most sense in the moment.

Standardize Your Identity

Consistency goes a long way when it comes to establishing your brand. Strong branding is a crucial element to attracting and retaining your customers online. While some services limit the information you can provide on your company profile, a variety of elements can be optimized to help standardize your identity, such as font case and profile photo. For example, “San Diego ACME Incorporated” should align on each social media site, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Don’t use “San Diego ACME Inc.” on one service while another reads “SD Acme.” Your logo should also appear the same on each service to promote brand awareness.

Crown Your Content

A common expression in the marketing business is “content is king.” According to Forbes, content “is so essential to digital marketing that it can’t be dismissed as a ‘trend.'” Creating content that holds value for your niche is an excellent method to convert them into paying customers. Your content should not be low-quality as this can deter readers from visiting your website and may discredit your business. Targeted, informational and value-driven content can set your company apart from the competition. Your advertising campaigns should attract your niche and then the related content on your website keeps them hooked. If you’re targeting your local community, you may want to incorporate localization into your strategy. For example, include content relating to upcoming festivals in San Diego to increase your customer conversion.

Leverage Premium Advertising

While the digital age of advertising has created many free marketing strategies, premium content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While paid advertising traditionally involves purchasing ad space from popular websites, search engines or marketing companies, social media has created a new frontier of targeted premium advertising. One of the main benefits of promoting your ads on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is that your content has a greater potential of being seen by the right person. Targeted advertising programs are a great tool for getting your message to potential customers. According to Entrepreneur,  small investment platforms are very viable to many industries and “there are a number of different social opportunities that you can invest in.”

Expand Your Outreach

Share your content on social forums and respond to comments and mentions to your business as soon as you receive the notification. Joining groups on social networks is a great resource for sharing your content with potential customers. Find local forums if you’re operating and targeting customers in the San Diego area. To drive new traffic to your startup and expand your brand, please contact My Social Marketing Network and follow our blog for more marketing tips.



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