5 #Signs you’re a #Hashtag Abuser

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hashouchAfter reading the above sentence, the question has to pop in your head, “what is too much?” “ Is 9 hashtags in one sentence really required or even necessary for that matter?” The simple answers are, “the above sentence is too much” and “no 9 hashtags should not be in one sentence.”

Hashtag abuse has become one of our nations (and others) new unfortunate trends and does not seem to be fading. Chances are that you and I both have a friend or family member who is a mega hashtag abuser.

The true meaning of a hashtag as defined by our friends from twitter is “# symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.”

With that said, when hashtags are used correctly they can be very effective and help you read a post much quicker by noticing the key hashtagged words throughout. A proper usage amount of hashtags per post is 3 and anything more than that is simply cluttering the post.

Your hashtags should give the viewer some information without having to explain in detail. If you are stuck doing laundry on a Friday night, then your hashtag could be, “#doinglaundry, #Laundromat, #laundrytime….” It gets the message across quickly and effectively.

Please take a look at our list of top 5 hashta g abuses and hashtag anyone you know who does them.

  1. Hashtag Stuffing-This form of hashtag abuse is unfortunately the most common and can become confusing. An example of this abuse is when someone decides to add an array of hasahtags with any word they can throughout a post. Sometimes people will have up to 10 hashtags in one twitter post!
  2. Spelled out hashtag– This abuse is simple. People will spell out h-a-s-h-t-a-g rather than using the hashtag symbol (#).
  3. #TheContinuousHashtag– This particular hashtag abuse is where someone will hashtag a full sentence. This is not how hashtags are supposed to be used, but #ItsNotTheWorstAbuse.
  4. The hashbragger– This dreadful form of hashtag abuse is when someone will use a hashtag to brag or boast something they are doing or an event they are throwing. Used properly this can be OK, but when it is overbearing it can be annoying.
  5. Every Event Hashtagger– The every event hashtagger not only tags “big events,” but every single little thing they do. #cooking, #sleeping, #breathing, #walkingdownstairs….. the list goes on.

Here is our list of the top 5 hashtag abuses from MySMN, feel free to comment and add any we missed or contact us for more information on social mediaJ