5 Social Media Musts for San Diego Businesses in 2015

Being in charge of management of social media for a company is a big responsibility, and whoever holds that post is expected to increase the company’s branding visibility within a desired market, as well as to raise overall internet presence. The results of this greater presence in the marketplace should then translate into increased sales and more profitable business. With so much at stake, the social media manager must take advantage of every opportunity provided by the social media. Here are five of the best ways to do that.

Audit your current social media presence

Before planning any changes to your social media presence, determine exactly what your current social media presence consists of now. In order to do this, you should create a spreadsheet which contains entries for each link on a social network that connects to your company profile. From this spreadsheet listing, you should then evaluate each social media profile, assessing whether that profile accurately reflects your company’s goals and objectives, and stays on brand.

Create a social media marketing plan

This plan should be include all goals and objectives you hope to achieve through the use of social media, and they should be as specific and achievable as possible. Using the spreadsheet you developed from your social media audit, determine which social media profiles should be kept, which should be altered, and which should be deleted altogether.

Use all available information from clients, marketplace leaders, and even competitors to enhance your social media presence and online content, while at the same time looking for ways to distinguish yourself from rivals. 

Establish a presence on LinkedIn

Your company probably already has a profile on LinkedIn, but if not, this is an absolute must. Your LinkedIn presence announces to everyone your huge network of respected professionals, and adds credibility and stature to your business. It also provides a marketing platform from which you can bring your business to the world, which in turn is an excellent way to generate sales. 

Schedule your tweets

Tweeting can be a valuable method of increasing company presence through the social media, but if done manually it often takes too much time to be truly cost-effective, especially if your company has multiple Twitter accounts. The solution to this is to have your tweets scheduled automatically by some software product like HootSuite to make the job much easier.

Avoid social media blunders

There are some traps that are easy to fall into with social media use, and these should be avoided like the plague. For instance, buying likes and followers is a much-used practice among businesses, but in truth those increased numbers mean very little. Purchased followers tend not to care about the company, its branding, or its products. This may also dilute the quality of your true base of followers, and lessen the impact of your posts. Speaking of posts, avoid posting too frequently – this waters down your message and tends to turn off followers. Do keep posts regular, but not so regular as to foster disinterest or disgust.

Do, however, boost posts on Facebook, and generate ads geared toward your current followers and their friends, or those who already express interest in your industry or services/goods your company provides. This will help to tip the algorithms in your favor, as not everyone who likes your page actually sees its content. 

No time? No problem!

There are many ‘must-dos’ for your social media presence and strategy, which should be addressed by a social media manager. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, try contacting a marketing expert.


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