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5 Ways Google Adwords Could Work for Your Business

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As a business owner the first question you want to ask is “are my prospects searching for me?” YES? Ok, now that we have that squared away, read on to learn more about Google AdWords and why they will work for your business.

#1) We all know that customers have plenty of choices when it comes to buying goods or services. So how can you stand out when they are searching online? You could have a business where your goods or services are very similar to another business in the same town (a drycleaner), state (a vintage Porsche dealer) or country (a clothing brand), but your business probably differs somewhat. How might it differ? It could be anything from the specific items you sell, the service or warranty you provide. The way in which you differ is where you will use targeted keywords to lure people in when they search. The more targeted your keywords (and keyword phrases), the better Google will rank your ad. You will also reach more of the right customers who truly need what you offer.

#2) When you use targeted keywords and phrases you can also use location targeting and geo-target your prospective customers. Example? Say you sell cowboy boots in Austin, Texas. You could target only people within the state of Texas or just in the city of Austin. AdWords also allows you to use radius targeting where ads will only show to people within a certain distance to your business and you can also exclude locations as well in your proximity targeting.

#3) You can target people on the go. AdWords provides many options to target users on their mobile phones with text and image ads. Mobile ads work well for so many businesses from neighborhood shops to online retail. Mobile AdWords ads are especially key to local businesses as people rely more on their smartphones to search for products or services as they need them. Instead of looking up a business on a desktop at home or at the office, people know they can save time by searching on their phones while out and about.
#4) The other geo-based demographic targeting option you have is to serve ads only to people based on income level. So if you sell high-end household items, luxury cars, or sell coastal estates, you can target the top 10% income earners in the specific location you choose.

#5) Have you ever spent some time looking at photos online of clothing, a watch or maybe a set of golf clubs only to find the same photos pop up on another website? That is retargeting and it’s working very well for several businesses. This is how it works with Adwords: if Lisa has visited your website, she gets what is called a “cookie” which is a small, often encrypted text file, located in browser directories. This cookie comes from a code that you have put on the backend of your site. When Lisa decides to leave your site and browse elsewhere, you can target your ads to follow her on the Google Display Networks, or Google search. I can tell you personally I have bought items online because of retargeted ads – those ads were a great reminder to the items I needed/wanted and by clicking on the ads, I am dropped right back into the website to select my purchase and move on to the shopping cart. Yes it’s genius. 

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