6 Digital Marketing Tips for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing there are several marketing strategies available to tap into the season and the increased web traffic and internet shopping that is happening right now. Below are our top digital marketing tips for your business this season.

Research Keywords Based on Buyer Intent

The best way to reel in more customers is by giving them what they want and fulfilling their unmet needs. This can be done by looking into what they are searching for. You can add a search bar to your own website to help with this, and be sure to deliver. It also helps to know who your buyers are, and to make sure they can find you. This can be done with the help of a San Diego SEO or search engine optimization firm.

Create Social Media Buzz

Whether it’s products or services you provide, be sure to create buzz about it over social media. This includes not only advertising, but offering contests, buyer incentives and deals, and holiday themes surrounding the products and/or services you provide. This can be done through custom graphics, links to products/services on your website, and blogs.

Post Content that Your Holiday Customers Value

Whether it’s a blog, a social media post or a website link, be sure that the content you are posting is valuable to your target market. It doesn’t even have to be product/service specific so long as it is bringing viewers to your social media sites, and website. Reeling them in with a great piece that is relevant to their needs, what you offer and the holidays is a great way to attract more sales.

Decorate your Website with Holiday Themed Additions

This doesn’t mean that you need a complete website overhaul, just some simple add ons that will get your viewers in the holiday spirit and thinking about what they need for their holiday celebrations, gifts for others, etc. This could be done with simple additions to the designs you already have, or a couple of extra landing pages. If you’re not sure how to best execute this, contact a San Diego website design firm.

Retarget Abandoned Cart Shoppers

There are likely to be many abandoned carts this season, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that these potential sales are lost. A great way to bring back these shoppers is through the use of retargeting ads. Show them the items they left in their cart while they browse other websites, or simply send them an email reminding them of all the goodies they left. Many shoppers just want some time to mull over the items they were tempted to buy, and will come back to make a purchase.

Offer Holiday Incentives

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference for buyers. Offering free shipping, gift receipts, holiday wrapping or special holiday sales are often times all it takes to set yourself apart from the competition. This can create a loyal customer base that keeps coming back each and every year. And don’t forget about these valuable customers once the holidays pass. Identify their unmet needs for the new year and market to them in a way that will bring them back each and every month.

If you’d like some more help in executing your holiday campaigns, we’d love to help. For more information or a detailed quote call (619) 291-8181 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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