6 Social Media Sites of the Future

Computer keyboard with special keys for social mediaTired of the Facebook posts that take over your newsfeed with boring information? How about those Twitter posts that are basically only for advertising?

There are some up and coming social media sites you need to be aware of if you want to find your target audience, or you just need a social change! Take a look at this list of new social media sites of the future.


Voice text has taken over cell phones and it looks like social media has finally found a way to take advantage of voice command with Bubbly. Users can record voice messages and play around with special effects to make their voice unique and fun. The voice can be shared on larger social media networks or with other Bubbly users.


Traditional social media is all based on what your circle of friends and followers are doing. Most people get news articles mixed with family pictures and cat videos. If you want to get away from this random social media interaction, use Sulia. Sulia is designed to be segmented by your topic choice. You can select different channels of the things that are the most important to you including sports, business, politics, and more.


While Facebook boasts over one billion users, it doesn’t show they are active users. Unmetric is a social media analytics platform designed to help users generate ideas. A business will be able to display streams of successful campaigns and find out what people are actually responding to. For businesses, Unmetric will save hours of countless analytic data crunching while keeping an eye on what your competition is doing on other social media sites.


Spayce is similar to Facebook in several ways, but its goal is to connect you to people that are within 100 meters of you versus all around the world. Spayce is ideal for businesses that are planning to run social media campaigns that only last a few hours. Spayce is helpful to students that need to find a study group and it can be helpful for someone looking to find like-minded individuals within a close proximity. There is a section for profile images and a short interest section along with the selection to have a professional profile. If you run a small business in San Diego, Spayce provides a perfect way to narrow down your audience to a specific group of people, or people within a certain proximity.


Sharebloc was originally created as a way to share content for VendorStack. Now, the social media site has undergone changes and is now a B2B content delivery network to assist professionals. Companies will be able to help each other by interacting, sharing new information, and even find new employees. If you are a business seeking to build content and connections, Sharebloc is one of the most valuable social media sites of the future.

Setting Up Social Media Sites of the Future

Compare multiple social media sites to identify the right ones for your business or personal needs. There are over 100 social media sites currently running, so you will be able to find one that meets the niche goals of your business. Social media sites of the future are all designed to help the users, which is something to remember before you start marketing on these networks.

As always, we’re just a phone call away if you’d like some professional assistance navigating through the waters of up and coming social media.


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