7 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

Instagram for small businessPhotos, graphics and videos grab people’s attention. If you want to be a savvy marketer, it makes sense to learn how to make the most of Instagram to find your target audience, interact with them and sell to them.

Here is a look at 7 effective ways to use the power of Instagram for your small business.

Use Engaging Content

There is so much noise online, it can be hard to get noticed. The best way to stand out is with images and videos that are high quality, colorful and entertaining.

Give a behind-the-scenes look at your business with funny company photos highlighting employees and customers with your products.

Interact with Your Audience

You want to build a relationship with people online. Getting faithful followers makes the best use of Instagram for your small business.

Three good ways to get people engaged with your Instagram account are:

  • Post daily. People love to interact with you. The more content you post, the greater incentive they have to check back. Ask questions in your posts to get a conversation going.
  • Comment on customer posts regularly. The more you comment on the photos they post, the more connected they feel toward your product and service.
  • Repost regularly. By reposting your customers’ photos, you make them feel important.

Start a Photo Contest

People love contests. Since over half of your customers are using smartphones and tablets, it is easy for them to take photos. Combine these two facts to drive customer engagement.

It works because people will need to follow your account in order to enter the contest and find out if they win. Make it a requirement that they “regram” the contest image in order to enter.

Learn the Art of #Hashtags

The creative use of hashtags can get your images shared all over the web. Use the symbol # in front of any word or phrase, without spaces between words. They provide a way to filter and categorize posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Be creative when you decide on a hashtag. The more imaginative it is, the greater the chance that followers will post their own on your company photos. Check out how effective they are by using the analytics feature to track your hashtags.

Use the Location Feature

Shoppers use mobiles even while in your brick and mortar store. By creating a location tag for your company, you let them post when they are checking out your products and what they are buying. This is an under-utilized method of marketing with Instagram for your small business.

Create Event Tags

At your next sale or an industry gathering, create an event tag. It notifies your followers that something special is going on. Using the tag, they can easily share it with friends and family. Ask people at the event to take a photo of their favorite moments and post them.

Post Videos

These don’t have to be professional. Use your smartphone to capture an aspect of your business or product. Aim for a 15-second video that is filter-enabled. Then be sure to embed your Instagram video in your blog or your website.

Instagram can help you build your brand and sell your products and services. But figuring it out can be complicated and take time. If you’d like some professional guidance, we can help. We are the go-to experts for using Instagram for your small business in San Diego.


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