A Realistic Look at San Diego and Its Charming #8 Luster

In a recent study done by WalletHub, San Diego was deemed the eighth best large city to live in across the nation. Not bad, but we all know that it’s a stretch to give us that number as the dream vacation destination of So-Cal. Whether you want to transport yourself back to the vibing ‘60s in Ocean Beach, dine like royalty in North County’s Encinitas over the ocean, or explore the authentically enchanting history of Balboa Park, we have it all. Ribbed with beautiful beaches, delicious food, fun activities and nightlife accommodations, and incredible hotels that inhabit our serene city, we are eternally lucky to call San Diego home. However, it is important to know that people that live here work as hard as they play.

Number 30?

Recently ranked number 30 out of 62 national areas, San Diego’s current local economy and income taxes are something to consider when desiring to move here in a realistic sense. Granted we are no L.A (well behind us at number 38), or San Francisco at 17th. But we are climbing the ladder of difficulty to sustain a life here and fast. Sixth in health, 11th in education, and just shy of San Jose’s high point average, it is getting harder to make a life for yourself here. What is hurting us to sink so far down the list? Our wages. It is no secret that although economic prices are high in Northern California, the incomes match them creating an easier environment to afford. However, we seem to have lost the memo based on what we are paying to live here as our wages are significantly lower than our overall local pricing.

All locals know these facts as they are more than aware when trying to pay their rent or their mortgages; we really have no choice. But, according to WalletHub, this survey was “tied to a time of the year when families and individuals decide if it’s time to move for a better job and better life.” Due to the company’s always updated data compilation chart, people have become “obsessed” with understanding the best places to live within their means. Who could blame them?

Number 48?

Like we said, none of this is new information. But Bakersfield winning the number one spot for family activities and fun over San Diego kind of irks us, we won’t lie; especially with how a resident must endure the smell of manure 24/7. Come on. With one of the best Zoo’s in the nation and the incredible Hotel Del, one would think that San Diego would not rank 48th. But we have become small potatoes in this category.

Our fun beaches, awesome nightlife, lavish hotels, bay front views, and authentic restaurants unfortunately don’t match up what we would hope. But nonetheless, we still love our city for what it is. Despite the tough times, San Diego still is a magical place to sustain a life and raise a family.


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