Back to the Basics: Facebook Tips Part 1

It’s been a while since we have addressed the basics of creating a killer social media campaign. For this post I am going to focus on Facebook, and tips that a small business can use to stand out from the rest. The chances of a brand going viral or becoming an everyday household name are a lot higher with an effective Facebook marketing strategy in place.

  • Don’t leave any part of the profile incomplete. If you leave parts missing, then the page looks unfinished and unprofessional. Pay attention to detail, and don’t let small things like that slip through the cracks.
  • Make sure that when your Facebook page reaches 25 fans, create a unique Facebook URL. is a lot easier to find then It is like having a website. It is far better to have then
  • Make use of different Facebook applications to create unique tabs and landing pages for the brand. Facebook along with third party applications allow small businesses to customize their Facebook page quickly and easily. It’s like having a personalized website, but easier and most of the time 100% free!
  • Perhaps a business has an online store? How about integrating a “Shop Now” tab on the Facebook page? This allows the audience to easily shop products and services right from Facebook. This makes for great customer service and ease of use. People like ease of use.

    Let Facebook Be Your Playground
  • Engage fans by pushing out unique and valuable content. I know this is a standard, but it is surprising how many companies only use social networks for self-promotion. This is the chance for a business to show their audience what they know, and how good they are at what they do. Strive to become an industry expert. Be the brand that the audience looks to for valuable insight into the industry.
  • Run Facebook contests and promotions. People love having the chance to win free stuff. Giveaway your product or service or perhaps even third party products. A person who may not even be a fan of the brand will take advantage of the opportunity to win something free. J On this note, when running contests or promotions make use of the customized pages and tabs I talked about earlier. These make them more official and professional.
  • Finally, be friendly, funny and inviting. Facebook is a marketing playground, and the best part about it is that this sandbox is filled with millions of people to play with. Don’t be the bully that no one wants to build castles with. Invite people to engage and join the conversation with lighter topics and content. You don’t always have to be so intense. Peoples’ lives are stressful and serious enough. Give the audience something to laugh at and something to enjoy. People are attracted to positive energy and attitudes, and will be more likely to engage with the “feel good” company, rather than the thundercloud.



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