Basic SEO Lesson

Even a basic SEO lesson can be really beneficial to people and companies, such as bloggers and small businesses.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an internet marketing strategy designed to help boost your ranking on the search results page.

Basic SEO Lesson provided by MySMN

Below are some basic SEO lesson tips to help you get the most from using SEO:

1.     Find a topic.

If you’re a blogger, it’s always good to blog about topics that are relevant or current. Try staying in tune with what is going on in fashion, social media, celebrity news or whatever topic you are writing about.

2.     Keyword or phrase.

You can create a free Google AdWords account and use the “Keyword Tool” under the “Tools and Analysis” tab. Using this tool, you can type in a word or phrase and see information like the amount of global and local monthly searches done for this word or phrase. You can also check whether the competition for this word or phrase is low, medium or high. Ideally, it would be good to find one with a high amount of searches, yet low-medium competition.

This keyword or phrase should be included in the title, first sentence or paragraph and throughout the content, preferably once per every 100-150 words.

3.     Add hyperlinks.

If you are writing for a company, be sure to hyperlink the company’s website and contact information. This will help bring more traffic to that business.

Don’t feel like you can only add hyperlinks to the company’s website alone. If you mention other topics throughout your blog or article, you can include relevant hyperlinks to outside sources accordingly.

4.     Word count.

The typical SEO word count range is about 350-500 words. Stay within this range, preferably closer to 400 words.

5.     Photos

The last tip for this basic SEO lesson is to choose relevant and eye-catching photos. Sometimes people click on links based off of the photos alone, so it is always good to have photos that will draw attention.

Make sure you have good-quality photos, whether they are ones you’ve taken or ones from Google images. Having blurry, low-resolution photos is unprofessional and people will be less likely to click on them.

Implement the five tips from this basic SEO lesson and let us know how they have helped your blog or business.

Basic SEO Lesson provided by MySMN

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