Benefits of Content Marketing

Knowledge is power and knowing the benefits of content marketing can grow your business by generating more leads and visibility. Content management is a broad term that creates a solid and strong route to promoting your business and services on the Internet.

Benefits of Content Marketing by MySMN

Businesses have several ways of producing and displaying content marketing on a variety of platforms such as Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is one of the greatest benefits to content marketing because you do not have to use one platform, or one style of distributing the content. When having different platforms and strategies of creating content, you give yourself the advantage because you are able to reach a broader range of prospective clients.  Generating more interest and leads is the driving force of every business and will provide long-term success.

Benefits of Content Marketing by MySMN

According to this article, businesses, no matter how big or small, generate 55% more leads from the Internet at a 62% discount than if you were to pay a 3rd party for advertising. Reducing your overhead for your business while acquiring 55% more leads is music to the business owners’ ears. How can this happen? Nearly 80% of individuals use the Internet to conduct research online and billions of searches are done every month on Google alone.  You have about 10 seconds, or the first few sentences of your content to capture the readers’ attention. This is due to the saturation of marketing and ads that are out there. Readers become immune to what is being thrown on the side of website pages, buildings, bus stops, grocery store carts, magazines, commercials, and all of the other endless ways companies market, so make yours short, sweet, and to the point. Maximizing your benefits of content marketing is made simpler than it used to be, but it requires being innovative and seeing it from the readers eyes. To really benefit your business you want to ensure that your content is personal, accurate, and relevant to what people want to know and are wondering about today.  If there is not enough time in the day generating ways and new ideas to reach your target audience with your content marketing, My SMN is here to support you.


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