twitter best live tweets reality tv

Best Live Tweets of Reality TV

 Reality TV’s Best Live Tweets

twitter best live tweets reality tv

A little bird told us you like to tweet when you watch TV, and we think that’s great. In an age where Netflix and YouTube make countless shows readily available at the press of a button, it would seem live programming is on its way out. Not so!

Today, the best part about live TV is being able to communicate in a split second with millions of other fans currently watching the same thing. Twitter is arguably the most popular social media platform to cater to this need to share, with hashtags of all breeds running rampant during some of the most popular shows.

It’s important for a company to know how to capitalize on this. Not only for advertising purposes, but to connect with your audience as well. People like to be a part of a community, and what better way to encourage communication than through something everyone is enjoying at the same time?

“Twitter is looking to own the second screen,” writes Ben Popper of The Verge. “It’s a broadcast model big brand advertisers are comfortable with and a huge $80 billion market that Twitter can tap into.”

That market isn’t reserved only for Twitter, however. You can elicit attention for your business by participating in whatever’s happening and encouraging your followers to interact with you. What’s their favorite part of the show so far? Who do they think will win [insert competition here]? Your audience loves to share their favorite anything, so give them an opportunity to do so.

If you’re quick enough you can even take advantage of certain mishaps that happen during live events, like Oreo did during the Superbowl blackout earlier this year. After all, social media is all about what’s happening right this moment.

Twitter isn’t strictly business either–it can be a way to really let your personality shine. Everyone loves a good joke now and then, and if you can sum it up in 140 characters or less you’ll be golden. Just don’t forget who your audience is.

Here are some of our favorite live tweets from this year’s previous events:

“Best Tweets From the 2013 Oscars”

“Oscars tweets win: Best live-tweeting Tw-Oscar goes to Greg Gutfeld”

“‘The Bachelor’ Monday Is Here, And So Are #Bachelor Tweets”

As always, we at MySMN are here to help if you’re too twitterpated to tweet. Follow us for more ideas on how to really engage your audience!


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