How to Boost Your Profits and Leads In 2016

Boost profits and leads in 2016

Growing a small business may seem like a simple process, but that’s not always the case. The logistics may seem simple, yet it’s often times challenging for entrepreneurs to accomplish the growth they want on their own. With that being said, many entrepreneurs seek extra support—such as a coach or marketing team—to inspire them and build a marketing strategy designed to reach their goals and eliminate the hurdles that arise along the way. Whether it’s a coach you seek, or some guidance in growing your business in terms of profits and leads, we’ve highlighted three important methods for increasing profits and leads in 2016.

Hone your unique selling proposition

To bring in more leads and conversions, hone your unique selling proposition. Aim to be better, and aim to be unique. Using your imagination and creativity can distinguish your enterprise from competitors in the market. Often times companies within mature industries struggle to differentiate their company from the vast ocean of big players in the market, as everyone is using their marketing skills to convey many of the same strengths. Concentrating on what you do well, while keeping it well-defined and unique, can help set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s also important to convey this in an effective way to potential clients.

Once you’ve determined the lead generation proposition relevant for your market, identify the realistic amount of leads you’d like to bring in each month. This strategy may be outlined in an activity map or action plan. For instance, if you’d like to bring in 20 leads using telemarketing each month, list all of the actions required (or mini goals) leading up to the end goal of 20 new leads. This may involve determining the number of dials required weekly (if you’re doing it on your own), or outsourcing your marketing efforts for a specified number of hours. Once you’ve nailed down your plan, evaluate the performance of it periodically and make adjustments as needed.

Get into your clients’ shoes

Empathize with your client in an effort to understand their frustrations, fears, wants and aspirations. Your communication (written or verbal) in your lead generation techniques should target how your product or services will help alleviate your client’s fears and frustrations, while assisting them in reaching their desired end results.

Open new doors with your proposition

Use your proposition of differentiation to open new doors and leads with three simple steps. First, convert your prospects into clients by improving the degree of trust they place in you. Second, turn your customers into enthused fans by exceeding their expectations. Third, leverage your connections with your present clients to generate new leads by requesting referrals and introductions with other potential clients. When others know how well you’re able to handle the needs of your clients/customers, and have faith in you to deliver in a consistent manner, they’ll be much more likely to try your services and recommend them to their friends, family and business acquaintances.

Not everyone holds the skill set of bringing in referrals and introductions, or the notion of how to differentiate their company. As soon as you’re able to establish and communicate what it is that you do best, you’re likely to start seeing an increase in profits and leads. If you’d like some more advice on how to do this, or would like to outsource your marketing efforts to lead generation/profit boosting experts, we’d be happy to help.


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