Casa De Luz – New North Park Restaurant

Casa De Luz
Sneak peak of Casa De Luz. New kid on the block in North Park, San Diego.

The experience My Social Marketing Network had at Casa De Luz was educational along with inspirational.  Casa De Luz is healthy, fresh, thoughtfully planned plant-based food.  Our experience of the salad, self-served soup, vegan food with pure alkaline water definitely captures your attention to what you should be putting into your body.  The color combinations with the careful array of portions takes organic food to an artistic level.

Our many conversations with the owner, creator, and visionary of Casa De Luz, Eduardo Longoria ( “Wayo” ), have inspired a new way of thinking on a natural way to alternative medicine. This may be controversial to many people, but keeping an open mind on the educational aspect of non-processed, fully organic food can truly benefit society as a whole.  To appreciate the integrity of your body with his minimalist, feng shui mythology is something that can only benefit, much less harm.

Casa De Luz has a second floor attached inside the beautifully designed restaurant.  This is where Casa De Luz is going to take it to the next level by offering a variety of cooking classes.  On the wall, right of the class room, is a big chalk board with a quote by Chinese Philosopher Confucius which states “I hear I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”    The cooking classes will teach us how to bring this healthy way of life back home into our own personal kitchens.

Casa De Luz forever will be “The Food That Loves You Back.”



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