Common Mistakes In Social Media Marketing

We are all rookies at some point when it comes to social media and here are common mistakes in social media marketing that you should avoid. Some of you have new businesses and others are trying to save or elevate their existing business. No reader wants you to beat your chest like a gorilla and talk about how great you and your services are. Facebook posts will not be your lifesaver, and purchasing fake Twitter followers will not put money in your pocket or get your business recognition. Most things in life take hard work and dedication; social media marketing is no different. You have to be persistent and put in time and effort.

Here is a list of some of the common mistakes in social media marketing:

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing by MySMN

Mistake #1: Deleting “negative” comments

This isn’t your personal life on the Internet and not everyone is going to agree with what you do, and what you say, but deleting comments is ignoring an important part of your business. You want to hear and see these comments so you can better your brand and services. Rather than posting a question to get people to leave a comment or respond to, post something that is engaging to your audience while giving them something to think about and share with others. Leave content that people can relate to while building their trust. If someone has something “bad” to say, take that as constructive criticism and become a better business by altering or tweaking systems. Business plans can easily be adjusted in order to avoid common mistakes in social media marketing.

Mistake #2: Mindlessly Posting

Not having enough time in the day to write blogs, create a YouTube video, post on Facebook, respond to emails, or whatever else you try to cram in an 8 hour day is something we all deal with; but auto posting the same content on all of your social media platforms is lazy and mindless. There is no magic button that will give you the exposure you want and post messages on several different social media sites; you have to do it yourself. Don’t create several pages (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, Website, Pinterest, Instagram) if you don’t have time to manage all of them. The President never gives the same speech twice, just as you wouldn’t give the same presentation twice at a board meeting, so do not auto blast. Instead, put time and effort into the pages you do create to avoid mindless posts and other common mistakes in social media marketing.

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing by MySMN

Mistake #3: Reputation is EVERYTHING

You can add these to the list of common mistakes in social media marketing, but with your reputation always remember this: buying and selling client’s email addresses is not okay. This will kill your reputation because your clients trust that you will not sell their email addresses, unless you ask for permission to do so and the same goes for purchasing them. If you do not have permission to email an individual, why ruin your reputation by emailing them what they consider to be spam?

If you need help in reaching more inboxes or getting higher in the search, My SMN is available and can help you with your goals.


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