How To: Creating Engaging Content

Content, content, content. It seems that everyone is talking about creating compelling and engaging content, but what does that really entail?

For years now, we have been trying to find the perfect formula to spark real engagement. That is the point of social media, after all. So, how does one come up with great content? We’ve put together a list of a few ways that we try to stay inspired and up to date, so that we can always push out great new content.

1. Keep a list of your favorite blogs or websites on the topic you are writing about. Stay inspired by reading what others are writing. This is a great way to stay in the know, as well as find information that will help you write your own post.

2. Group brainstorm! We all used to do this in elementary school, and I’m not sure why we ever stopped. Group brainstorming is a powerful thing. Great minds come up with great content, and 3 minds are better than one. When you group brainstorm, you feed off of your colleague’s ideas, taking you to ideas that you may have never had all on your own. Every person’s brain works in different ways and you never know what you can come up with when you work together.

3. Talk to people! Perhaps set up an interview with someone in the field you are writing. This not only created content, but also allows you to speak and meet with other interesting people that may have some knowledge on the subject that you didn’t know before.

4.  Invite guest bloggers to post on your blog. Guest bloggers are great because they will share their own post with their own followers exposing your brand to their network. They are also great to keep things fresh and different. Having a couple new voices a month brings some diversity to your blog.

5. Get down to business. You do not always have to talk about something new all the time. Bring it back to yourself. Talk about your business, how you do what you do, what your challenges are, etc. Write about topics that every business owner experiences, and how you overcome each challenge. You not only want to establish yourself as a thought leader, but also a real person, with real everyday problems. This gives your readers something to relate to.

6. Experience life for yourself. Go out, take a walk, watch a movie, try a new restaurant. You may think that doing these things has nothing to do with writing a blog, but au contraire. Living life is a source of inspiration for us all. It is the things that we do everyday that guide us. Doing activities stimulates the mind, and gets those creative juices flowing. You never know when you are going to think of that next great idea.

Some of these you probably already do, while others you should start to! Coming up with great content is not always easy, even if you are a professional writer, but trying out these tips will be sure to keep you inspired and pushing out fresh, new, and original content that your readers will want to read!


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