Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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If you want your business or brand to get noticed in 2016, you’ll need to create a solid marketing plan for the next year. This will mean staying on top of trends as they evolve – and fortunately, the digital marketing trends of 2016 seem to offer a great deal of potential. From focusing on creativity to building video ads to niche social networking, marketing strategies promise to be dynamic and engaging over the course of the year. A good way to get started on your digital marketing plan for the year is to explore a few of the hottest trends for 2016.

Getting More Creative and Interactive

Many practices that worked great in the past have become outdated and ineffective. Instead of relying on such outmoded strategies, marketers will need to be more creative in order to catch the attention of consumers. One way to get creative and do innovative things is to implement interactive technology. The consumers of today want to offer their opinions and interact with companies.

Using Video Ads

Utilizing video ads is sure to be one of the hottest digital marketing trends for 2016. Online users respond well to the video format, as evidenced by the overwhelming success of the YouTube platform. Some of the heavyweight platforms on the Web have already started to offer video possibilities to their advertisers. Although users may have resisted video advertising in the past, video seems to have surpassed purely text ads in terms of catching and keeping the attention of consumers.

Niche Social Networking

A niche social network may provide an ideal platform for marketers. Instead of trying to navigate virtually sprawling social networks, brands and businesses can use niche networks to make an impression on users. One example might be a niche network for a particular type of hobbyist or crafter. Advertising via such a site – instead of devising an entire social network marketing strategy that focuses on a broader audience – makes much more sense for someone who is marketing a specific product or service that directly relates to the theme of the network. This kind of marketing can be a great tool for almost anyone who advertises via social media sites.

2016 promises to be an exciting year in digital marketing trends. The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to know what the trends are – and what they can do for you. If you have further questions or wish to update your marketing strategies, don’t hesitate to contact an expert for assistance.


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