Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For In 2018

Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For In 2018

As you’re probably aware, the digital marketing strategies that worked for you in 2010, or even 2015 may not be working for you now in 2017. And, what may be working for you now may not work in 2018.

Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For In 2018

So whether you’re new to marketing or have been in this field for many years, you’ve learned one valuable lesson—change is a constant. Being a marketer means you’ve got to be agile and adapt quickly, but even if the methods of marketing are in flux, the goals are still the same—having a coherent message for your sales funnels; establishing and raising loyalty and brand awareness; boosting customer engagement, driving traffic, and making those conversions and sales.

Here are three major trends that you should prepare for right now and into 2018.

Mind (and Fill) the Gap

Marketing has been around a lot longer than social media, but in the haste of trying to find the newest, latest, and greatest tools and gimmicks, fundamental marketing has been left behind, leaving a large talent gap. Wedged in this gap are failed campaigns, wasteful budgets, and misunderstood data.

So how do you mind and fill the gap? Bring some knowledgeable marketers who have proven track records and training while helping businesses to rise above the fray while learning new digital marketing skills. Going the other way, younger marketers can learn marketing basics which can give them a stronger foundation to with their innovative and creative efforts.

More companies will be looking for both marketing generalists and specialists while boosting training efforts for both. A few areas that marketers could use additional training include analytics, content marketing, SEO, and social marketing. Besides having training occur in-house, there are online website that provide certifications in digital marketing. Additionally, to fill this talent gap, HR departments will need to start to attract and reward talent who have a high ROI for their marketing efforts.

The Social Network—Yes, Facebook (and More)

Yes, internet marketing does require some social media component. It costs little but can bring high returns. One trend that seems to be profitable is promoting stories on Facebook. This puts you on a more direct path to your customers, avoiding publishers to get exposure.

Another idea—don’t discount the discount. For social media users, extending them unique offers can be a great way to promote your company’s services and products. It could be simple as taking a picture with your product, or putting up a short video about why your service is great.

Pivot to Video—Wisely

So throwing up a video on your website just because everyone else is doing it is not going to help your brand grow. You need marketers who understand why people watch the videos they do and what makes them go viral. It’s a key skill that is missing in digital marketing, especially in analytics, content marketing, mobile, and social media.

Bring Marketing Back Home

There’s something to be said for a successful marketing campaign that happens in a brick-and-mortar store. It’s not just physically be there. It still involves digital marketing along with classic marketing. Take for example, digital coupons, or mobile in-store updates that inform shoppers of what’s on sale. The latter will keep customers in the store longer.

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