Disappearing Content is the Future of Advertising

We’re not really too sure if Snapchat knew exactly what they were getting into with the concept of disappearing content. You know, it being the future of social media and all. But why would we want our content to disappear? It all comes down to the power of relevance.

As we have mentioned in past blogs, the future of content is user intent. Although Facebook and Instagram have become more organized as far as relative content, Snapchat has become king. With the power to choose what we want to see, the only content audiences view is exactly what they want to see; what they intend to see. And not only is appealing to them in the first place, but the fact that it only lasts so long commands more attention than it would if it did not have the ability to disappear.

Much like feeds that seems to tailor themselves to the user’s personality and interests, Snapchat also offers options of different entertainment companies to view their content like magazines, sports channels, teams, models and more. By taking this information into account and storing it in the user’s personalized account, they have specific options to revisit the content whenever they choose until it eventually disappears. This creates a win-win for brands and companies to not have to bombard users with over saturated ads and give a special insight into the exciting lives behind them simultaneously. These channels seem to be one of the most popular features of the application, besides the fact that the filters fuel social lives for friends to share.

How Can It Help You?

So far, the creative and illusive form of content has been used for campaigns and fundraisers through uploaded selfies and relative pictures. According to Blue Baboon Digital, “in 2014 the World’s Wildlife Fund began a Snapchat campaign to raise awareness about endangered species. They launched the #LastSelfie campaign, inspired by the disappearing nature of Snapchat. They included the tagline ‘Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie’ to encourage users of the app to take pictures of their ads and share them with friends.”

Beyond which companies and brands are already featured on this application and utilize its beneficial properties, any are open to use it! The hype of disappearing content not only attracts big businesses due to its popularity but its low cost especially. Snap Ads generally run only $3,000 a month, sponsored lens can be a bit pricier running from $5,000 Mon-Friday, and finally, the discover ads that we have been talking about. Priced at $50,000 currently, Snap decided to drop the rates from $750,000 to make them more affordable with “Live Story” prices at $250,000 in the Discover section.

With many options to choose from, more and more brands and businesses are jumping on board to the Snapchat disappearing platform every day. Depending on how much your budget is for advertising, this is definitely considered to be a wise investment for personal brands as well as clients. Consider how much you want your name out there and what you’re willing to invest for it; this is the future of social media advertising so let’s get with the times.


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