Email Marketing Guide

Strategies for Effective Email Marketing

email marketing guideIn this day and age, one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote and advertise your business is through email marketing. As opposed to traditional mail, electronic mail can reach a substantial amount of potential clients with very little effort expended, monetarily or otherwise. However, developing effective strategies to take advantage of the benefits of email marketing requires having a general idea about how to best utilize electronic advertising. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Just like with traditional mail, you have to know someone’s address if you want to be able to reach that person. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of email marketing is that unsolicited emails are not very desirable for anyone to receive. To add to this, spam filters and anti-spam laws prevent many of these types of emails from getting through in the first place. It’s important, therefore, to establish a degree of trust and transparency with potential clients while maintaining a list of client’s email addresses. This will make it easy to send the same promotional email out to a large pool of email addresses in one fell swoop while ensuring its proper delivery and effectiveness.

Many companies, for example, use opt-in email advertising or permission marketing, because this electronic marketing model allows customers to solicit your emails and essentially create your address book for you. The best way to do this is through your company’s website. “Subscribe” links are one avenue to explore, but it’s difficult to ensure that visitors to your website will click on any of these links or be proactive enough to actually subscribe to your email list without any impetus. Often, the best way to build an electronic client list is through an account system that encourages customers to become a part of your company’s community by submitting their email address and creating a username or online identity within your company. Providing the simple one-click option to “opt-in” or “subscribe” during the sign-up process increases the likelihood that customers will solicit your email advertisements.

When it comes to actually crafting the email for the clients on your email list, it’s important to remember that the content of the email should be as friendly and unobtrusive as possible. Bombarding clients with flashy advertisements is probably not a very good idea. A personalized, weekly to monthly newsletter is your best friend when it comes to email marketing. At My Social Marketing Network, we specialize in all forms of online marketing, so we know what works and what doesn’t. And the less your email advertisements resemble spam, the more effective they will be at promoting your business.