Email Marketing Tips to Increase Leads

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As technology forges ahead and marketing strategies become more sophisticated behind that wave of technology, it’s still one of the first online strategies that has remained the most effective at generating leads and reaching targeted customers. That somewhat surprising fact should tell you something about the enormous staying power of email marketing, and the comfort level that marketing strategists have developed for it.

It’s true that email marketing has evolved to become far more sophisticated than broadcasting unsolicited messages, but the fact remains that email is still at the forefront of digital marketing, and is still used to great effect by San Diego digital marketers, San Diego website design firms, and San Diego SEO optimization consultants, among others.

What are business leads?

A lead is an individual has who has indicated at least some initial interest in your company or your product lines in one of several ways. It could have been by downloading an e-book posted online by your company, or someone who filled out a form on the company website, or possibly even someone who attended a huge trade seminar and simply dropped a business card into the fishbowl.

This is way at the beginning of the purchase cycle, and doesn’t amount to much more than simple curiosity. Still, there is a possibility that this curiosity can be fanned into the flames of something much more like genuine interest. Having discovered that initial curiosity, it is the task of the sales and marketing group to gently nudge the lead further and further along the purchase cycle path, until an actual sale is made.

Tips for effective email marketing

The way that marketing strategists can achieve the goal of gently pushing the lead toward the sales funnel is by employing proven techniques related to email design, and to the kind of content which should be included in the email text. If you adopt some of these tips and techniques, you should be able to convert a lot more leads into actual sales.

  • Email subject– the subject of your email is much more important than you might think, and very often cues the lead in on whether or not to continue reading. For this reason, you should craft your subject heading carefully and grab attention quickly. Some suggestions for doing this are by using subjects which call for action, personalizing a subject line, or addressing a specific problem your lead has.
  • Be brief– long, windy emails are almost guaranteed to end up in the circular file, so keep your message concise and appealing.
  • Evoke imagery– whenever possible, try to generate an image in your lead’s mind, because it will give you a much greater chance of success than simple text.
  • Include social media– by including social media links in your emails, you can get readers to share your content with people in their network.
  • Call to action– the best way to keep the lead going forward in the purchase cycle is to be very informative about your products and services. This means your email needs to effectively make use of action words like attend, read, try now, register, and download. If you can get the lead to read your company content about products and services, you will have educated them about what you have to offer.

More information on digital marketing 

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