Stop Poking Me and Other Facebook Pet Peeves

Facebook Pet Peeves

FBPetPeevesFacebook pet peeves are an easy way to detract potential customers and friends.  Facebook is also an awesome social media platform allowing millions of people to connect online and offering paid ads for businesses as well. It is used worldwide and has helped people reconnect with old friends and acquaintances while making new ones online. Unfortunately, many people are now using Facebook as their personal life story and to annoy others. Some may not even know they are doing it, but someone needs to point it out. With that said we decided to make a list of Facebook pet peeves in hope that people will read it and share it with people they know who do things mentioned in our list.

Facebook Pet Peeves List

  1. Selfies– These people love to share pictures of themselves consistently throughout the day for nearly every event they do. Whether they are in the bathroom naked, at the gym, in the yard, in the car, in the store, in their kitchen, in your kitchen or wherever else they could possibly be. Updating your profile picture is one thing, but constantly uploading selfish selfies. Research indicates that selfies are bad for relationships with your significant other, family and friends by alienating them. (The New York Daily News)
  2. Angry Facebook Ranting– Nothing worse than going on your Facebook page to see if there was anything interesting, funny or informative in the news feed but instead you see an full page of angry ranting directed at someone who will more than likely never even read it. Cussing, misspelling, name calling and so forth. I am down to listen and help a friend if I can, but angry rants make me want to unfriend you.
  3. Job Complaints–  I understand that many people do not like their jobs and are working extra hard to move on from their current job to something better, but religiously get home from their 9-5 and post about how horrible it was. Like I said in #2, your friends will more than likely be sympathetic and helpful, but constant complaining helps nothing. Get up, and do something to improve yourself so you can get a better job.
  4. Movie Spoilers– OMG, I get to go see that awesome new movie in theaters tonight after work! Oh no, my “friend” on Facebook saw it first and posted his favorite part…..the end. That is terrible, I know, but it happens all the time.
  5. Couples who constantly upload kissing photos– At least 3 times a day I see on Facebook that a couple have updated their profile picture from one of them kissing to another one of them kissing. The first time it was cute, now I wonder if their lips ever get alone time.
  6. Game Inviters– I had to add this one at the end because it happens a lot. Every time you go on Facebook someone sends a candy crush invite or a request for you to send them a life. The problem is that I actually have a life, called real life.

That is our list for now, but I am sure that there are many more Facebook pet peeves out there and we want to hear them. Please leave a comment with anything you would like to add to the list. Any solutions for these Facebook pet peeves are definitely welcome as well.

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