Facebook: Survival of the Fittest?

So EdgeRank released a new study today, and what did it say? The average Facebook post is only “live” for about three hours. “Live” means that it is visible in the Facebook News Feed, and detectable to your fans and followers.

The average is about 3 hours, but some only last 15 minutes. So what is the determining factor for the lifetime of a post? One word: engagement. The life of a post, according to EdgeRank, is based on the engagement opportunity of the post. If more people are engaging with the post, the longer it will thrive in the never ending labyrinth that we call the News Feed.

What is engagement? Here is a little engagement 101. Engagement consists of comments, like, and shares. The more you can get, the more chance you have to survive. Facebook has turned into Darwin’s “survival of the fittest.” You must be the best, the most intriguing, the most enchanting of all the pages and posts out there.

So how does a brand page accomplish this? I, for one, have found that some of the most engaging posts happen to come from pictures. Just as I have mentioned in my previous blog post, Pinterest, a social network entirely based on photos, is taking off, and, I believe, the trend is trickling over.  Photos, even photos that are semi irrelevant to a company’s mission, can go viral in an instant. You never know what will spark it, but in this stage, it’s all about knowing who your followers are and acting accordingly.

Another surefire way to spark engagement is to simply ask for it. Demand a call to action. Ask questions, request “likes” or comments. You would be surprised how many people will actually acquiesce to your requests.

Essentially, Facebook is now forcing you to become what it has always been, a social network, and a place where people interact with each other. It is no longer enough to just push content out there. You must be creative, innovative and fresh. Think of it as a battle royale. What will make your post last longer than your competitors?

As previously stated, know your followers. Test them. See what they will interact most with. Once you have established that, you will find the perfect equation for success. Math may not be a matter of opinion, but what you post is. Figure out what your followers want, then determine what will constantly intrigue them.

Be creative. Engage. Interact. BE SOCIAL.










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