Facebook vs. Google+

The Facebook vs. Google+ race seems to have kicked off when the still fairly new Google+ launched back in June 2011.

Facebook vs. Google+ by MySMN

According to a 2013 article posted on Forbes, Google+ is now the second largest social network, coming in behind Facebook and ahead of YouTube. In December 2012, Facebook had an estimated amount of 693 million active users, with Google+ coming in with an estimated 343 million active users and YouTube with an estimated 280 million active users.

However, while Google+ seems to be gaining users at lightning speed, results from a late 2012 infographic showed that Americans spent an average of 6.75 hours per month on Facebook, while they only spent a mere 3 minutes per month on Google+.

That’s a huge difference!

Comparing Facebook vs. Google+:

  1. Google+ does not have any advertisements (yet).
  2. Google+ has Google Circles, in which you are able to post to particular people. You can also post publicly to your entire Google+ community. Facebook allows you to select which friends are exempt from seeing particular posts.
  3. Google+ focuses on user content to include pictures, video, long posts and status updates. Facebook focuses more on driving interactions through likes, status updates, comments and pictures, rather than generating content.
  4. Google+ is geared more towards content marketing, while Facebook is geared more toward traditional marketing. Standout features for Google+ includes Circles and Hangouts, while standout features for Facebook includes its user base and ads.Facebook vs. Google+ by MySMN

In reality, there is no need to really choose a side. You can obviously maintain social networking accounts with both Facebook and Google+. However, we would like to know your opinion on the topic of Facebook vs. Google+.

Which social media network do you prefer and why? Do you think Google+ will take the lead later on down the line in the social media race or that Facebook will maintain its title as the leading social networking site? Or do you think that one of these competitors will eventually phase out like Myspace?

Feel free to share your opinion through the comments feature below.

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