Finding Your Voice

The Importance of Voice

voice The importance of voice is as vital as ever, especially online when the viewer is simply a click away from leaving if the content is not engaging and interesting. Having a brand voice has always been a very critical part of marketing whether through television, radio and now the internet. Communicating with your audience effectively can be difficult without detailed planning and research, but proper execution can have an exponential impact on consumers resulting in profit for your business. With the technologies and high demand of today, producing high quality content full of productive persuasion, engaging, understanding and even inspiration has proven to be most effective.

Content is much more powerful with a voice that attracts consumers whether it is a script written for a commercial on television or the radio or the text on your website or online ad, the voice is created by the content. This is where a lot of companies are failing due to lack of engaging and valuable conversations with their clients or consumers. Social media is a great way to engage with consumers online and literally have conversations with them which will not only give you quality input from your customers but show that you actually care about what they think and understand what they need. Content is where a solid voice begins, but it will not be effective unless you learn how to communicate with the targeted consumer.

Learning how to communicate efficiently with the consumer is extremely important to the voice of your brand or business and will develop a solid relationship with your consumers. Once you understand your targeted audience and learn to communicate with them, your brands mission or goal comes next. Keep in mind that your audience should be able to understand you goal as well. With that said take your time and once everyone working on it is in agreement, edit it thoroughly and stay with it once you start to engage with your consumers. There are numerous ways to engage the consumer including social media online, the radio, the television or even the newspaper or a magazine. Showing the consumer positive enthusiasm is a must, but must be proven with professionalism and knowledge of your business and products from the CEO of the company to the customer service clerk.

The final piece of the voice puzzle is simple; the center of your focus should stay fixed on the target audience and the concerns or problems they have. This means to know and understand exactly what consumers expect from you. Once you figure out the consumer’s needs, create some quality conversational content to engage proactively with your audience. Rather than using die hard sales tactics or bragging to the consumer about how amazing your product is, show them how your product will make their life easier and save them time. If your consumers can relate to your business and brand voice, they are not only willing to say yes, but become loyal and hopefully lifetime customers.

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