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Want to stand out from thousand of others in a Google search? Look no further; although Google Authorship was introduced recently, it needs to be taken advantage of because its benefits far exceed the effortless steps needed to set it up. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially a profile picture right next to your content through Google Authorship.

Google Authorship by MySMN

Google lets you take control of your content and make it more prominent in a search result when you link your Google Plus account. Increasing your rank and standing out is why any of us write content in the first place. Implementing authorship with your picture has been proven to increase click results as much as 150%. The perks don’t end there, Google will add a byline that shows detailed information about your Google Plus account and your other works on top of your search result. So put on your best benign smile and create yourself a profile picture for higher visibility. It’s advisable to start as early as possible because Google Authorship runs on cumulative views for your higher ranking.

Google Authorship by MySMN

It is crucial for you to reach proficient ranking with Google Authorship in order to make it onto page 1 of Google search results. From there, you’ll attract your audience with your profile picture. Once they click in to view your content, Google will reveal additional links listed under your profile picture for better engagement.

On top of search engine optimization advantage influenced by authorship, you’ll be able to target your sought out quality audience. Google will reward your engagement process appropriately by optimizing inbound traffic to your content, which then seeks out your targeted audience with similar interests.

MySMN has the right experience, tools, and team of experts in order to optimize your content with your Google Plus account for maximized exposure.


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