Google Plus Trends

Benefits of Google Plus

Google PlusGoogle+ (Google Plus) has been the talk of the town for the last year as it is becoming much more important in the Google search engine. As a matter of fact, many people have said that Google+ itself will be one of the hottest online trends this year.

Having a Google+ account that is active and posting relevant content can really boost your SEO (search engine optimization) as they place a major emphasis on it which places it a step above other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Similar to the “likes” on Facebook, Google+ uses a +1 system to show how many people like you and your content.  Just as the “followers” on Twitter, Google+ has a follower system as well. The difference is that with Google+ your “+1’s” and “followers” benefit your SEO because Google search heavily favors websites that earn more credibility through social media.

Here is a quick overview of Google+ benefits:

-Contributes to SEO

-Can establish you as an online author

-Allows the benefits of Facebook “likes” as “+1’s” and Twitter “followers” but with much more.

-Online presence and influence

-Big contributor to page rank

-Google+ Timing app to help with best posting times based on your history

-Optimize Google+ title tags

-Anytime editing

-Connect with people of influence in 17 different ways

-View Circle rank with the Circlecount tool

The latest thing trending with Google+ is their recent implementation of YouTube commenting into the Google+ social network. This means that if you want to comment on any posts from YouTube, you will need to create a Google+ profile first.

They have done this in an effort to dismantle irrelevant comments (as well as unacceptable and hateful comments that unfortunately flood the YouTube comment section) while placing the author’s responses and the most liked comments toward the top.

One of the hopes with this new change is to stop people from making hateful or harmful comments because rather than using a made up username with YouTube, users will need to set up a real Google+ account with their name and a real email account. Comments made by people in the authors circle will have more priority as well.

Some people do not like the changes, but only the future will tell if Google’s plan will succeed. The bottom line with Google + is that it will significantly benefit your online presence, SEO and essentially your business.

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