Guerrilla Marketing: 10 Creative Ideas for Small Businesses

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Guerrilla marketing is a term used to define low-to-no cost — unconventional — yet highly effective marketing tactics. Guerrilla marketing relies much more on time, imagination and energy rather than gargantuan marketing budgets. As a result, guerrilla marketing ideas are ideal for small businesses looking to create an engaging, unique, and memorable brand experience. Continue reading for 10 dynamic guerrilla marketing ideas for today’s small business.

1. Library Business Cards

Leaving business cards in each and ever book within a section of the local library related to your business is a great way to gain exposure. If people are researching a service in the library and they find your business card, it’s a great way to put your business front and center as a viable option.

2. Offer Free Marketing Space

Start a challenge or competition to win free marketing space on your website. The contest doesn’t cost you anything, and will result in increasing your own brand reach. This guerrilla marketing tactic is free for you, valuable for others, and bolsters the exposure of your website.

3. Reinvent Your Signature

Add the URL of your website to each email account you use in the signature function. Whether you are sending a personal or business email, your URL-laced signature will always be featured.

4. Doctor’s Call

Any time that you or a colleague visits a doctor or dentist’s office, leave business cards in every magazine in the waiting room.

5. Give Free Swag

When you visit your barber shop, hairdresser, or stylist, make sure you leave free swag, (which is free company-branded merchandise). In turn, they’ll surely tell all of their clients about this crazy person who keeps on giving them free stuff, which is guerrilla marketing for small businesses at its best.<

6. Utilize Fish Bowls

Whenever bar, restaurant, or other establishment is collecting business cards in a fish bowl to win some type of competition, ask the owner about collecting the losing cards. This guerrilla marketing tactic for small businesses represents an awesome opportunity to gain dozens of new contacts.

7. Cast the Right Image

After gaining permission from a neighboring business, borrow their wall overnight to project an image or advertisement of your business overnight.

8. Free Demonstration

At the next local event, offer to provide free demonstrations of your service or product. By simply showing up, you will instantly get your brand and product or service in front of potential customers.

9. Capture Consumer Attention

Instantly capture the attention of everyone who passes your storefront by creating a fake publicity stunt. For example, get a group of students to enact a demonstration outside of your business with signs reading “Their Prices Are Too Low – They Must Go.” In the end, you’ll have your audience’s attention, warrant a chuckle, and position your brand in a favorable position in your potential customers’ mind.

10. It’s a Stick-Up

Carry a pad of vibrantly colored Post-it notes with your business information printed or handwritten on it everywhere you go. Then, place the Post-it notes in the most unexpected and unusual places.
At the end of the day, guerrilla marketing tactics can really work. While they may seem strange and out of the way, sometimes you must go ape to compete in today’s primal business world. For more creative marketing tactics for small businesses, look into outsourcing your efforts to a social media marketing firm such as My Social Marketing Network.


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