Heat Maps and Eye Tracking, How Analytics Can Tell You Everything

Heat Maps and Eye Tracking, How Analytics Can Tell You Everything

Technology has advanced to help companies better understand the behavior of their customers. Devices that track how consumers use products, as well as what they look for in a company’s products helps guide decisions regarding style, color, size and the way a product looks and feels. The data generated from the different devices used by business is a wealth of information that improves the things customers buy and use daily.

Two such data gathering devices or technologies are heat maps and eye tracking. Understanding what these technologies do can help you make smarter decisions about how your products are designed. It can also guide the type of messaging you engage in, whether via social media, your company website and other marketing portals.

Big Stock / ra2studio
Big Stock / ra2studio

How Eye Tracking Advanced Consumerism

It is important to first understand what eye tracking is and how it benefits you in driving consumerism. Eye tracking is simply technology that shows you where customers look for information when interacting with you such as by way of your website. Simply put it measures where people look and how long they are looking by giving you a visual representation of their sight line.

Why is eye tracking an important data gathering technology? It helps you understand where information should be located in order to maximize its impact on your potential customers. Placing bigger, bolder headlines near the top of your web page along with more engaging content designed to capture attention are a few of the outcomes you uncover when using eye tracking technology. Calls to action can be placed at the end of a page, which also draw attention and help you direct actions by your customers (i.e. product inquiry, find additional information, ordering instructions, etc.).

What are Heat Maps?

Heat maps or heat mapping is a process that works hand-in-hand with eye tracking. Heat maps provide you with the visual representation of where customers look and the amount of time they look at a particular spot on the page. Heat maps provide you with insight as to the behavior of consumers when digesting information and can help you create content that satisfies a customer’s need for information while also guiding them to take action.

Data provided from eye tracking studies and heat mapping is an important tool in helping you manage customer expectations and increase your sales. An investment in good eye tracking software may be the best solution for uncovering the analytics necessary to grow your revenues and improve your online presence.


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