Here’s a Look at some New Social Media Apps for 2016 that could be BIG

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Social media has become such a big part of our lives whether we use it for business, or fun. Sometimes, a new app comes out that makes your social media use so much more productive or enjoyable that you wonder how you ever got along without it. It can be a potential new tool, especially if you use it to promote your business. If you use social media a great deal, then you know that every new app is a new toy to master, or a new solution to a problem you’ve been having implementing your social media strategy.The year 2016 offers several new apps with exciting features that promise to increase your efficiency, or just to make your social media experience more enjoyable. Here’s a look at five new apps for social media that are going to get a lot of attention. 


Peach is an exciting new social media platform. It takes favorite features from several social media platforms and rolls them all up into one. It’s described as a “social journaling tool.”  The platform uses what it calls “magic words” to guide you in documenting what’s going on around you and your experiences, things you like or want to save and much more. It’s quickly gaining popularity, and it’s not hard to see why.


Facebook users will really appreciate Kleek. Many have become frustrated with their newsfeeds. They don’t like the algorithms that decide what you see in your friends feed. With this app, you can plug it into Facebook and determine who and what will appear in your newsfeed. You create “cliques” and then you only see content that you choose. You can do Facebook your way with Kleek.


If you employ social media platforms for marketing, then Buffer is going to help out a lot. As the number of social media apps that are used for marketing grows, the need to post content on all of those channels grows. Planning and executing all of this can be frustrating and extremely time consuming. Buffer allows you to post your social media content across several platforms. You can set up a posting schedule and post content on Facebook, Gmail+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It will really save a lot of time on social media marketing.

Secure My Social

Social media has become a way of life. With the rise of social media, as a tool used by a majority of people, also came the rise of cyberbullying and smear campaigns aimed at businesses. Secure My Social is an app that let’s you track what’s being said about you or your business, on social media. This app gives you real time alerts when your business, or yourself are being talked about. It also allows you to “rethink” your post, before it goes out.


Created by an athlete, Slyce is a favorite of sports fans. The app allows the athletes to wade through the massive amounts of social media communications they get. It also makes it easier to publish content for their fans. In this age, players are attempting to be more connected to their fans and Slyce makes that easy.

Each one of these new apps has new and different features that will enrich your social media experience. The options for expanding social media use are many, and this is only a small list. It can get rather confusing, with so many options. If you use social media for marketing, and you’re in over your head, reach out to an expert.



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