Holiday SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

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If you operate a small business, you are probably always looking for effective marketing techniques. Employing the right search engine optimization (SEO) methods is vital to any company, and this is especially true for small businesses. You’ll need any advantages you can gain in an ever competitive marketplace, so now is the time to implement the latest and most powerful holiday SEO strategies.  

Embrace the Holiday Season

Many consumers love everything about the holiday season, from wrapping paper to holiday feasts to shopping for toys for the little ones. Be sure to use this enthusiasm to your best advantage; display a holiday theme on your website, and offer content that relates to the season. You might publish blog posts using keywords associated with both the holidays and your industry. You could also post videos to YouTube that link seasonal festivities to your business (such as a video that depicts your latest holiday promotion).

Optimize for Local Searches

This is one of the best times to optimize your business for local searches. While many people do their seasonal shopping online, countless others prefer to examine merchandise before they buy it. You can still keep your online shopping demographic while encouraging consumers in your geographical area to visit your bricks-and-mortar store. You might add descriptive words to your business title that relate to your geographical location. If you don’t have a physical store but cater to people in a few specific areas, you could edit your Google My Business information to include those service areas.   

Check Your Citations

Don’t forget to check the online citations for your business. If your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed incorrectly in various listing directories, your business could fall behind in search results. You may need to hire an SEO professional to perform an intensive search for all of your online citations, but the potential increase in profit is well worth the investment. Once this information has been gathered, the person you’ve hired can help you to implement any necessary corrections. This may also help your business to get additional citations, which is a viable strategy for increasing consumer recognition of your brand during the holidays.

Audit Your Website

This is one of the top holiday SEO strategies that numerous business owners may forget, but it could be a crucial one. Even if you don’t have time to do a thorough audit of your website, performing a basic audit might enable you to optimize the site more efficiently for the season. Details to look for include file code errors, as well as links that are broken and graphics that are missing.  By fixing these issues now, you might draw more traffic to your website (and keep more visitors from leaving the site in frustration) at the onset of the busy shopping season.    

This season could help your business to make up for any lulls you experienced earlier in the year. In order to capitalize on the heightened shopping activity over the next several weeks, you will need to utilize effective holiday SEO strategies. If you don’t feel qualified to do this without assistance, you might consult a professional who has been trained in SEO techniques.   


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