How Does Google Places Benefit Business?

At MySMN, you bring questions and we have answers (awesome answers I might add). Today we are answering a question about Google Places: How Does Google Places Benefit Business? There are tons of new technologies and people selling what they claim to be the latest and greatest to market your business, but sometimes the smallest things can really make a big difference. In marketing, the smallest things can help, and also those elusive fantastic free things. What? Free?! Yes, free is a seldom-heard word when discussing marketing, and when it is heard it usually is attached to a not-so-free catch. Well Google Places is a great way to boost your business and it also happens to be free. Hallelujah!

How Does Google Places Benefit Business, let MySMN explain.

Connect With Your Local Customers

According to Google, aka the masters of online search, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. That number is huge and therefore the power of your online presence should not be ignored. There are many ways to boost your visibility online, and using Google Places is an easy and free way to benefit your business. Having a presence on Google Places helps people find, share, rate, and recommend your business to their friends, and people across the web. You can see what people are saying, and respond directly to customer reviews which is how Google Places benefit business.

Make Your Business Stand Out 

With Google Places, you can add photos, update your address and hours, and you can also promote your business with ads. You can utilize your listing to show customers why they will want to choose you, yet another reason how Google Places benefit business.

Connected to Google+

Google+ is Google’s social media platform, which has grown to 400 million members and 100 million active users. Using Google Places for Business, your local listing can also be found on Google+. Gotta love a 2-for-1!

How Does Google Places Benefit Business explained by MySMN

We think Google Places is a valuable tool to market your business and one of the best parts is that is doesn’t cost a dime. If you have any questions on how does Google Places benefit business, or anything else in the online world, get in touch!


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