How to Battle Facebook’s Organic Reach Uphill Battle

Practical Ways to Improving Facebook Organic Traffic Numbers

If your Facebook organic traffic numbers are taking a bit of a dive, don’t panic! You are not alone. Facebook organic traffic is expected to plummet sooner or later. There is even some indications that maintaining a steady and growing “organic traffic” on Facebook will eventually cost you a fortune. Before you throw another bag of money on Facebook ad promotion, take a few moments to review these strategies and gain an upper hand in Facebook’s organic reach uphill battle!

Are You Attracting the “Right” Audience?

First, review your Facebook organic traffic and ask yourself: What kind of audience am I attracting to my page? Is it mostly co-workers, colleagues, and family members? Compare your finding to your business goals and see if the people who visit your page are the ones you are trying to reach. Remember, you are not interested in attracting a generic crowd, you are looking for the RIGHT crowd. Use your organic traffic data to fine tune your strategy and convert your followers to loyal buyers. In the end, you want people to love you enough to endorse your business to family and friends.

Big Stock / bloomua
Big Stock / bloomua

Creatively Engage Your Audience

Your Facebook page should be designed and marketed to engage people who appreciate, want, and need your ideas, goods, or services. Because the fate of your Facebook organic traffic depends on you using the RIGHT medium to attract the RIGHT audience, evaluating your content marketing plans and ensuring that your service, sales copy, and product descriptions are compelling, interesting, and up to date is the smart way to go. Be creative. Use videos, infographs, free gifts, ebooks, and anything you can think of to grab your audience’s attention and make them want more!

Build Up Your Credibility

Marketing is a two way effort. If you have something to sell, then you need buyers. It’s as simple as that. However, no one is going to spend even a dime on your service if you do not have a credible online presence in your particular market. To develop an authoritative presence, you will need to network with famous bloggers, business owners, and experts in your target nitch. Connect with them online by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If the person you are trying to befriend has a blog, then visit his/her site regularly and leave valuable comments with links back to your business sites and Facebook pages. The more people know about you, the more likely they are going to be attracted to your site. Give gifts, make friends, and build up your Facebook organic traffic!

Final words on Facebook

The glory days of Facebook and free advertising may slowly be coming to a screeching halt. You may have to accept the fact that Facebook organic traffic was a lucky trend for many but it is something that you missed! While this does not mean you should give up on Facebook completely, putting all your eggs in one basket will do you a disservice. As you compete to get noticed in an increasingly competitive market, it may be time to get some professional advice and let someone help you drum up Facebook organic traffic through a well-developed Facebook battle plan.


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