How to Beat the Ever Changing Algorithms in Social Media

Social Media Tips (Small)In the same way that marketers must stay ahead of social media trends in order to remain competitive, it’s also essential to stay on top of changing algorithms. Before now, you may have associated algorithm changes with search engine optimization (SEO) and browser searches. However, social media platforms are also adapting their feeds to match the unique needs of their users. The purpose of doing this is to personalize the user experience and make it more relevant and convenient to the user.

Why should these changes matter to your business?

The changes are important because such a high percentage of internet users logs on to social media platforms on a regular basis. Such platforms often provide a means of getting news information, as well as a way to stay informed of social trends. This makes them virtually indispensable to numerous people, which is a compelling reason for marketers to maintain a strong presence on the sites in order to promote their brands.

If you want to maintain an edge over the competition by making the most of social media sites, you will need to make yourself aware of their algorithm changes – as well as what the changes mean for your business. You’ll also need to know how to make those changes work to your advantage. The following tips should help you to accomplish that objective – and they could be as crucial to your campaign as any of the digital marketing strategiesyou’ve previously employed.

Quality Always Beats Quantity

As with the content you might use on your website, the content you post to social media should be of high quality and usability for social media users. Posting superfluous images in place of useful content will not help your brand in terms of visibility on major social media sites. This tactic may have worked in the past, but that is changing quickly.

Keep It Relevant

The content you post should be as relevant to your target demographic as possible. Make sure that you hashtags relate to issues that will matter to your audience. Use keywords that match the searches performed by the people you wish to reach. If you don’t know how to implement data analysis and utilize keyword tools to determine this, a professional could be of great assistance.

Images and Videos

When you do post images, be sure that they are of the highest quality that you can reasonably find. Low quality images will be less likely to make it past the algorithm changes, regardless of how they may have worked before now. Because video is such a popular format among internet users, you will need to use videos that are of high quality, as well.

The social media algorithm changes are not much different than the search engine algorithm changes of recent years. High quality content is as essential to social media marketing as it is to any other form of SEO marketing – and this includes written and visual content. If you’d like more information on how to make the most of the recent algorithm changes in social media, don’t hesitate to contact an expert today.


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