How To: Create Your Google+ Business Page

Now that Google+ has rolled out it’s Google+ business profile pages, we wanted to fill you in on how to go about getting one of these. As discussed in an earlier post, The Powers That Be: Google+ and Why You Need It, Google+ is going to be a very important social network to be a part of. With it’s SEO benefits, your Google+ business page will put your business on the map.

Follow these basic steps below to successfully set up and start using your brand new Google+ page!

  1. Sign into your Google+ account. Scroll down to the bottom, and in the right hand column, you will see a link to “Create A Page.”
  2. Once you have been directed to the “Create A Page” page, then choose which category your business fits under. Is it a local business, a product or brand, an organization? You can also choose “Other” if your business does not fall into one of the given categories. In order to choose “Local Business” you must have a physical address and phone number registered in Google Places. If you don’t already have a Google Place page, it will ask you to set up one from within Google+.
  3. Once a category has been selected, fill in all the basic information it asks for. Most of this is quite basic, but make sure to fill it all in, as this will result in a more complete profile, which in turn gives you added SEO benefits. The information asked is relative on the category you chose.
  4. Now it is time to make it your own, and customize the page. One cool aspect of Google+ is their tagline feature. Create a tagline for your business, and add in photos. Upload at least 6 photos, as these are the photos that will be shown at the top of your page.
  5. When your Google+ page has been officially created and you have established a strong foundation for it, it’s time to take it to the next level. Add content, share content. Even if you don’t have any followers yet, sharing relevant content will hopefully entice people to start following your page.
  6. Start adding Circles to your page, and start following others. Social media is social because there is a two-way dialogue. As you engage with others, your page should gain more traffic and your fan base should start to trickle in.
  7. Add more photos and videos. People are very visual, and enjoy looking through albums and watching videos. This type of content is great for stimulating engagement.

Now that you have your Google+ business profile set up, the same rules apply. Get creative, engage, and share.

Google+ away my friends.


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