How to get more Facebook business page “LIKES”

Why is it important that your Facebook business page be “LIKED” by followers/fans?

I “Like” you. Tell me more!

When someone “LIKES” your business page, they give you access to post your content on their wall/page, which is then viewed by everyone in their network, increasing your visibility to an even larger network of potential fans/customers. Businesses with 1000’s of followers actually have access to 10’s of thousands of potential customers and are taken more seriously by the general public.

The first step in getting more “likes” starts with your current network.

Step 1) Click “Home” at the top right of your FB page and then click “Friends” at the top left of your page, just under your profile picture.

Step 2) Click “Edit Friends” at the top center of the page.

Step 3) Click “Create a List” at the top center of the page.

Step 4) A window will pop up where you can name your list and pick up to 20 friends at a time for each list you create (FB only allows you to send to 20 people or less from the messaging section).  Name your list something you will remember and something that has an order.  For example, I named my lists List 1, List 2, List 3, etc. so I know exactly which list to message next (don’t make the mistake of messaging people twice!).

Step 5) Once you have gone through your entire Friends section and made a list for every 20 people you can simply go to the messaging section –> send message and start with List 1, List 2 and so forth and send each list a message about your new page with the proper link to your page.  Be sure you are clear about asking them to navigate to your new page and “LIKE” it.  You can go one step further and ask them to share a link to your page on their wall.  The important thing to remember here is if you took the time to reach out, you want your contacts to take action.

The easy part is over!  Now it’s time to start posting valuable content, establishing your business and business page as a valuable resource and interact with your fans and customers!

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