How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Ads

More than 284 million people use Twitter each month to connect with each other and their interests, whether it’s current events, sports, celebrity news, or tonight’s homework assignment.

It’s not surprising that businesses utilize Twitter as a marketing platform to increase brand exposure, grow their online communities, and generate website traffic and leads—especially with Twitter’s most recent phenomena, Twitter Ads. This new venture guides businesses through the process of campaign design, tailors marketing efforts to individual company needs, and tracks campaign results via Twitter’s analytics.

Tweet Engagements

If your goal is to reach more people and generate conversation, a Tweet Engagement Campaign might be the right service for you. This tool allows companies to promote content to the most ideal audience at the best possible time. In addition, Twitter recommends using visuals, creating conversational content, and sharing relevant industry news in an effort to promote passionate engagement and the sharing of interesting topics and ideas.

Website Clicks or Conversions

For those interested in increasing website traffic and conversions, Twitter Ads offers tools that aid in targeting specific populations based on location, keywords, favorites and interests, which helps bring more potential customers from your target market to your site.

App Installs or Engagements

Approximately 78% of Twitter users tweet on their mobile devices, meaning app developers are at a huge advantage. Thankfully, it’s easy to promote mobile app services via App Install Campaigns. Once a Tweeter sees the ad, they can just click to download and start using the app.


Twitter Follower Campaigns help generate quality followers to your Twitter profile. Twitter already makes generating leads easy through the use of hashtags, B2B collaborations, email sync to connect with current customers, follow buttons for websites, and @usernames one can use to promote their profile anywhere. But Twitter follow campaigns are designed to boost and amplify your current efforts.

Leads on Twitter

Once a company generates followers and elicits engagement through their Twitter account, a Leads Campaign can be implemented to convert these followers into sales leads. Twitter Leads Campaigns encourage followers to share their email addresses with you, allowing you to follow up with these leads through email campaigns.

Twitter Ads measures each campaign and stores the analytics to measure its effectiveness. Twitter only charges on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis. This means that someone has to favorite, retweet, follow, expand, or click on the content presented for you to be charged.

Are you interested in a service that will create your content, manage it on a variety of social media platforms, and conduct email campaigns? If so, we’d love to discuss your business goals with you!


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