How to grow your company with a Yelp business page

When launching a business or attempting to increase revenues for a current venture, you may have overlooked the value of creating a free Yelp business page. In fact, there are several benefits of Yelp’s advertising & marketing services. Not only are business owners able to obtain valuable feedback pertaining to end-user experience, but they also gain access to a variety of free tools and analytics, specifically these top 8:

Targeted Local Advertising

When you sign up for a free Yelp business page, you’re directly marketing services to your desired target market: those who are in your neighborhood seeking the goods or services your company provides. According to research, 82% of potential customers who visit a Yelp page do so with the intent of making a purchase. An additional 89% of these people end up making their intended purchases within one week’s time.

Ideal Placement of Ads

Yelp Ads will feature your company on a variety of relevant business and search engine sites, giving your company prime visibility by targeting the most ideal demographics.

Diverse Platform Placement

More than 50% of Yelp searches take place on mobile devices. As a result, Yelp Business Ads are both desktop- and mobile-friendly, ensuring your company will be visible to all who seek your services, including those using the Yelp mobile app.

Customer Engagement

Yelp gives businesses the opportunity to connect and engage with their customers, and there are two ways to do just that: via private messages or public comments. This allows you to respond to those who have taken the time to review your business.

Nourish Business Growth

More than 100 million people visit Yelp each month, and millions use its services to make purchasing decisions daily. Those who signed up with Yelp saw an average increase in revenues of $8,000 annually, while those who also utilized Yelp ads saw an average growth of $23,000 annually. With this in mind, Yelp provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to new customers and potentially increase annual revenues.

Free Marketing Tools

When a company begins advertising on Yelp, they gain access to free marketing tools that can help highlight the company. In addition to the free platform on which they can list website links, hours of operation, contact information, and photos, Yelp offers free analytics reports that track customer engagement, as well as leads generated to the company via Yelp advertising & marketing services.

Call to Action

Yelp-listed businesses have the option of adding a call-to-action button on their sites that directs customers to 1) an online order form, 2) a deal or coupon, or 3) a direct link that allows the customer to call the business from their phone.

Yelp Reservations

Businesses that take reservations, such as salons and restaurants, have the option of adding Yelp Reservations to their business page. With the click of a mouse, customers can make a reservation without even leaving the site. There’s also the option of utilizing Yelp SeatMe for high-volume restaurants.

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