How to Increase Instagram Engagement (and have patience to withstand it)

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 To the average person, Instagram is the app that allows you to take a selfie or picture of your oh-so-perfect plate of fries, change the coloring on it, and post it for everyone to see. But, to the digital marketer, Instagram is one of the fastest growing – and therefore most important – social media platforms for businesses and organizations. As such, increasing Instagram engagement is key for optimal marketing success. While the going may be slow – increasing Instagram engagement takes time – here are a few tips to get you started:

Use Hashtags

Like it or not, hashtags (#) are trending, and using hashtags in your Instagram posts is one of the easiest ways to increase Instagram engagement and attract new audience members.  #canyoubelieveit #werenotkiddingyou

Post Often

Posting often and consistently is a top tip for just about every social media and blogging site, and it rings more true than ever when it comes to increasing Instagram engagement. If you’re not posting at least once per week, it’s time to get that camera out and get clicking.

Stay Relevant

If you post a picture of a Christmas tree but it’s the middle of summer, followers may be scratching their heads wondering what you’re playing at. Rather than posting random pics of things that you like, stay relevant – and timely – in your posts. During the holiday season, for example, post content that matches the time of year. And make sure that whatever you’re posting, it’s something your followers can relate to.

Do Something Out-of-the-Box

Posting pictures to Instagram might seem like all you should be doing, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Instagram isn’t just for positing pretty photos; instead, you can use Instragram to engage your audience in other ways, too. For example, running a contest or give-away promotion can be an awesome way to attract audience members and increase Instagram engagement. The more creative, the more likely you are of having success.

Promote Yourself

Just like all other marketing strategies, if you want to be successful in increasing Instagram engagement, you’ll have to promote yourself (your Instagram) on other social media site, webpages, and blogs. Always include a link to your Instagram at the bottom of your other content posts, as doing so will help to drive traffic to your site.

Measure Engagement and Make Adjustments

If you haven’t already been collecting metrics about how users respond to your Instagram actions, then you need to start doing so immediately. By collecting metrics and data, you’ll be able to analyze which pictures people respond to most, the effect that any contests/promotions have, how many people are following you, what your leads are, and more. By analyzing all that data, you can make changes to your strategy for optimal Instagram engagement.


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