How To Instantly Get More Organic Leads Via Social Media Marketing

When it comes to using social media to generate leads, there are many, many things that work.

But here’s what doesn’t work: trying to do many, many things the wrong way.

One of the biggest problems small businesses run into when ramping up their social media marketing efforts is that they try to use social media the same way that big businesses use old media (i.e. radio, television, print ads).

But you can’t do that and expect to make any progress. You can’t use social media to just push ads out into people’s faces and expect them to love you for it. That method might still work on television and radio, but it doesn’t work on Twitter and YouTube.

In order to generate leads with social media, you have to stop trying so hard to generate leads. Does that make sense? You have to put the social back in social media, or your social media marketing strategy isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’ll just be spinning your wheels in vain.

So let’s look at some specific ways that we might do this. Since Instagram is such a hot platform right now, let’s use IG as an example. Keep in mind that while these strategies will specifically be about Instagram, the concepts carry over into other social platforms as well.

EXAMPLE: How To Get More Organic Leads On Instagram

A few months ago we shared some quick Instagram tips on how to grow your business. We shared some actionable tactics, such as using creative hashtags and running contests and giveaways to grow your audience. But we also talked a little about sharing engaging visual content and interacting with your audience, and since that social aspect is our focus today, let’s dig into that a little bit more.

Posting, Following, Liking, Tagging and Sharing

On the surface, interacting with followers on Instagram is very straightforward. You like their posts. You follow them. You might even share one of their posts with your other followers and tag them to let them know about it.

These are the basics, and they can gradually work to build relationships with your followers and eventually get some of them to head over to your physical store – or at least to your website – where you can make an attempt at making a sale or getting some contact info from them.

But there are ways to speed things up.

Partnering With Related Accounts To Quickly Grow Your Audience

You obviously don’t want to waste your time trying to connect with your competitors on social media. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all other businesses in your space are competitors. There are likely other businesses and other IG accounts that share your same customer base but that don’t necessarily compete with you for the same products and services.

By forming alliances with these other businesses on Instagram, you can quickly tap into their followers to grow your own customer base as well. Get one of them to share your post and tag you in it, and you just doubled your reach. Get several to share your posts, and you can easily 10x your reach.

Are you forming mutually beneficial friendships with other businesses on social media?

You should be.

If you’d like to discuss more ways to grow your social media reach exponentially and rapidly increase the pace at which your online marketing efforts generate new leads, give us a call at (877) 576-9766.


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