How to Optimize YouTube

When you put a video on YouTube, you want it to be seen. Luckily, most people quite like YouTube. They don’t have to pay anything to watch it and there are a lot of great videos on it. There are funny videos, heartfelt videos, instructional videos, etc. Your video can be a part of it and it’s so easy to get it done.

One of the cool things about YouTube is that when you want to put your advertisement on it, they will help you out. So even if you have no idea where to start and what to do on your video, they have an outline helping you to get started. Making sure that you put on your company logo and that you are showing what a great thing your company has or does and how easy and helpful your products can be. They even have a ‘Playbook’ that you can download to give more help on how to promote your video on YouTube.

Posting videos on YouTube is free so that’s easy. If you shoot the video yourself or get help from a friend who is good with videoing, which can potentially be free as well. Since people won’t exactly go on and search for video ads by you, a great way to get it to the right audience is by using TrueView and AdWords through Google. Since they have the demographic stuff all worked out, this is perfect to find the right people. As far as your budgeting goes at this point, you only have to pay for your ad on YouTube when it is watched so you aren’t paying a lot of money for something that no one is seeing. If they only watch 5 seconds, you aren’t paying for that unless your ad is only 5 seconds. You pay for it when they watch it to the end or the first 30 seconds, whichever is less. This can really help you to stretch your dollar in advertising since you only pay a little for the part where it gets to the audience that is most likely to come to your business.

There are several types of ads you can create for posting to YouTube. Just advertisements may not be enough. By posting videos on how to use your product people will become more familiar with new and unknown products. Also posting testimonials is super helpful to boost your sales. People go online to find testimonials, without them, it’s questionable as to whether or not it is worth the money. With them people can buy with the assurance that someone really does like and use this product. Sharing the story of your company and how it got started is a great way to connect with others and gain their support or business with that emotional touch.

Big Stock / Thomaspajot
Big Stock / Thomaspajot

Post your videos on social media sites, videos posted on those sites spread much faster than simply uploading it to YouTube. If you have a page for your business, you can always get your ad out faster by asking ‘fans’ or ‘group members’ to post in order to win something that you can reasonably give to a winner. People like winning free things and will post your ad too. This helps it to spread like wildfire and you hardly had to do anything, and besides getting the prize, you didn’t have to pay a lot for it either.

It does take a little effort, but with the people you’ll reach and the money you’ll save by marketing on YouTube, it’s definitely worth the small amount of time and the work it takes to put it together.


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