How To: Satisfy Your Customers with Twitter

by Colleen Rugg

Many unfortunately do not recognize the value of good customer service and only a few companies stand out as being great at it.  People expect to be disappointed by customer service today.

Nowadays with the Internet and social media, companies might have to work a bit harder to respond to issues almost immediately, but at the same time, they have the ability to get a better understanding of issues and how services and products can be improved – all because communication online is much different.

An example of a company with great customer service on Twitter

With Twitter you can provide:

  • A speedy reply and resolution
  • A lasting positive impression on the customer and potential customers = positive brand image

In order to be successful you will need to:

1) Make customers aware –prominently place a button with your handle (@) on your website, and advertise that you’re engaging with customers in problem resolution via social media.

2)     Respond Instantly and transparently

3)     Resolve the problem

4)     Track conversations

5)     Engage!

Respond instantly and transparently – “@janedoe Any of us would be happy to assist you today.  Let’s get this resolved for you.”

The speed and quality of your response will be the key to your success. When you find someone complaining about an issue, @reply them asking if you can help. Make sure you are wary of your tone and don’t tell them it was their fault. Ask them if they’d like you to get involved and provide them the information they are seeking.

@replies have worked best because there are no restrictions on who you can reply to and it provides a public and transparent face to your customer service. Everyone’s eyes are plastered to their computer screens, so if they are interested, they can see what you’re doing, which can help reassure customers or even solve problems they were going to ask you about, saving you additional time.

Problem resolution –

sj62499 Scott Jackson #ATT what call customer service is pitiful (at best) and you continue to lose customers until you decide to do something about it. #FB

MyMariaMore Maria More | Hot1079 – If you are ordering flowers for your Mom on Mother’s Day, I would NOT recommend “PRO FLOWERS” misleading, poor customer service!

These types of Tweets (above) happen every second of every day.  Having a Twitter handle devoted to customer service will not only help you solve issues with people that @reply or direct message you, it will also help you to respond to mentions of your company that you find elsewhere on Twitter.  Never ever respond negatively – we had a client once that wanted to do this and thankfully we took over for him.  What he saw outraged him and if he were to have responded, he would have not only practiced bad customer service, EVERYONE would have seen his replies.  Everyone has access and those actions are saved forever online.

The main goal of customer service is to help someone resolve their issue. A single tweet can help resolve small issues. For a more complex problem, the brand can initiate a deeper conversation with the customer.  If a problem is sensitive, you want to first try to direct message and give the customer a fast way to contact you with your direct number and email address (unless you have a linked to our outlook account).  You are “there to help” and provide support, step-by-step.

Conversation tracking – In social media we talk about “listening.”  That not only means to watch conversations online to get a sense of what your target audience likes to talk about so you can then engage casually, it also entails watching what people are already saying about your brand. Have people misinterpreted your message? What about the nice things they say about your new feature, service or product? Make sure to track every possible keyword that is related to your brand, including key features, product names or any nicknames your company may have. Here is a great tool:

Tweetbeep: If your company is not receiving loads of mentions per hour be sure you’re catching everything, Tweetbeep will check Twitter for you and send emails with all of the mentions of your brand, as well as links so you can easily save tweets or write a response.

Engage!  Make conversation

Take the time to chat as well.  Talk to people about things that interest you, ask them what they did that day, anything light in nature.  Take this as an opportunity to build an image and identity for your brand.  Talk about why you like your company  so much, and direct them to your main Twitter handle so they can see what cool things the company has done, or is up to.  Don’t forget to tweet a success story of how you made someone’s day.  Ask them for the permission to include their @ in your message, or better, ask them to simply mention you and leave a glowing testimonial.

If you would like more information on this topic, or would like to consider having My SMN handle your customer service, please contact us today!


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