How-to: The Basics of Instagram

You’ve heard it before, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Sometimes, there are things that cannot be expressed in words and other times you’re limited to 140 characters to share your thoughts. Instagram has provided users the ability to share their experiences and ideas through images instead of text. A single photo can replace hundreds of words and stimulate interest from friends and followers. With over one hundred million registered users, Instagram is not only attractive to individuals looking to share life’s greatest and unexpected moments, but to companies looking to increase awareness and interest in their brand as well. But how is a company to do this when the average user’s circle of followers is mainly going to consist of his/her personal friends? The following list is a basic overview of marketing through Instagram.


Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

Sign up for a personal account to see what the consumer sees and how the consumer sees content from your account. A personal account will also give you a better understanding of how users interact with one another and your company.

Don’t tell A story, tell YOUR story.

The photos you post display the personality and lifestyle of your brand. Users can tell when you have put thought into your content. Posting authentic content will help you build a genuine connection to your audience.

Share compelling content.

This is the most common piece of advice, but also the most important and sometimes the most difficult. There are a lot of creative minds out there and a lot of great content floating around the Internet. Companies should strive to post photos users will not be able to find anywhere else. Remember to pay attention to users who like and comment on your photos and only use filters to enhance the photo.

Use your connections.

When you connect your Instagram account to other social media platforms, you’re increasing your reach and exposure by making it easier to share content from one account with multiple accounts.

Post regularly.

Post often, but keep your followers wanting more. Spread your posts throughout the day.


Like, comment, share, and follow. Ask questions, respond to comments, and encourage followers to use hashtags in pictures of your event or product(s). The more you get your audience involved, the more you can learn about them. The more you learn about them, the more you can improve your business.


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