Improving Online Presence With B2B Social Media Tips

 Easy Tips for Improving Your Online Presence

B2B Social Media Tips
B2B Social Media Tips

According to a recent survey by B2B Magazine, over 48% of businesses surveyed have increased their online social media marketing.  (Source:  B2B Social Marketing). Within the next few weeks, months, and even years that percentage will continue to grow as businesses rely more on the Internet to market their product or service.  For businesses that already use social media to market or for businesses that want to make the jump into online marketing, here are a few B2B social media tips to help improve and increase your online presence.

Connecting Via Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter:

Linked In, Facebook and Twitter logos.
Linked In, Facebook and Twitter logos.

Connecting Via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter This may seem like a no-brainer, however, the easiest ways for businesses to connect with other businesses online is to sign up for a TwitterFacebook and/or LinkedIn account.  In fact, companies should use all three.

With 82% of businesses using Facebook, companies can easily connect with others through the sharing of articles, commentary on questions posed, and posting of industry related news. (source: study-82-of-smbs-use-facebook) Just like with Facebook, LinkedIn allows businesses to share related contacts, pose questions, and keep each other up-to-date on industry news.

 Although sometimes overlooked by businesses, Twitter is beginning to gain steam as one of the most influential social media platforms.  According to the site, Twitter remains one of the best ways to find and engage with others. (source: 10 Essential Social Media Tips) By following tweets from other companies, businesses can monitor industry trends, make responsive comments, and                        quickly gather information.

 Start Blogging:

What better way to engage and connect with new companies than through blogging?  “By starting a blog, [businesses] give readers an opportunity to see [their] social voice outside the typical corporate website’s newsroom.” (source: b2b Social Media Tips).  Businesses can use blogs to announce specials, share personal stories, comment on changes in the industry and respond to any comments or concerns.  Due to the fact that blogs can be thoughtful, creative, insightful and personal, other businesses will easily feel connected to and engaged with a business that blogs.

Keeping A Social Voice:

Last but not least, the most important B2B social media tip, as stated above, is to keep a social voice. In order to attract other business and consumers, companies need to make sure that they use a social or personal voice.  A social voice makes businesses relatable and more importantly, likeable by other businesses and consumers.  In order to have a social voice, businesses should steer away from just promoting products.  Instead, a business should focus on reaching out to other businesses by sharing information, data, or industry related news.

With more businesses looking for online connections, companies need to have a social media presence.  It’s never to late to start and with these B2B social media tips, businesses can get started in the right direction.

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