Instagram Offers Shopping and More!

Some exciting new changes are coming to Instagram which should open many new possibilities for all users moving forward. As this platform–owned by Facebook–continues to grow in popularity, more and more features are being added to not only enhance the user experience, but change the way Instagram is used for businesses and marketers alike.

Shop Until You Drop

While Instagram has been growing in popularity for home-based businesses and marketers, it originally did not have the API needed to allow viewers to shop from the platform. All of this is changing with some new Facebook features which are being integrated into the app, such as a “Shop Now” button, and messages linking to sites outside of the app. This has never been done on Instagram before.

Facebook-Powered Targeting

Since Facebook owns Instagram, they’re integrating their highly sophisticated ad targeting technology into the app. Business owners and marketers can now choose the demographics for their target audience, and create Instagram campaigns in a tailored way; reaching the right people. In turn, Instagram users will be presented with content from businesses they are most likely to be interested in—creating value for both businesses and consumers. This information is gathered from Instagram users’ Facebook profiles, giving Instagram advertisers a seamless advertising and marketing experience.

Brand New API

These new changes are possible on Instagram thanks to its new API. Now businesses and marketers can schedule and automate Instagram ads. In the past, the API did not support such automation, and everything had to be done live. No news yet as to whether or not this new API will allow for the automation of non-advertised content just yet. Perhaps this will be in the works for the future of the app. While there are several third party schedulers that allow for the scheduling of Instagram posts for future times, the API hasn’t allowed for post automation. Businesses and marketers were previously required to log into their accounts and physically post in real-time to Instagram, even though they had scheduled it to post ahead of time. Automating this process for Instagram ads is sure to cause marketers to rejoice.

Now that Instagram has made these changes, we’re hoping automation for all posts will become a part of their API reality. We could possibly see it grow to become as big, if not bigger, than Facebook in the near future if these changes are made. Are you taking advantage of promoting your business over Instagram? We’d love to help. For more information or a detailed quote call (619) 291-8181 or fill out our contact form. We are a San Diego SEO, marketing and website design firm that specializes in working with small businesses in San Diego. We look forward to hearing from you.


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